Expression of Interest for Overseas Guests in attending Avatar's Abode Anniversary - Tuesday 5 June to Monday 11 June 2018

Thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions. Your expression of interest will of course be in no way binding, but will help us to foresee the infrastructure requirements and to perhaps help you with accommodation and transport requirements.

We envisage that over the first 3 days we will organise some social events and daily tours of the Sunshine Coast and the hinterland with a less formal program on the Abode.

Expression of Interest for Overseas Guests

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Accommodations & Transport

Accommodation on Avatar's Abode is very limited. In most years this has been used mainly for invited guests and onsite voluntary workers. Also in the past some overseas visitors have been hosted in private homes of the local Baba Family.

For previous large anniversaries we reserved central accommodation about 15 –20 minutes away by road, and then arranged daily private bus transport to and from the Abode. There is no public transport within 4 km of the Abode. It is appropriate that any group bookings are done well in advance. Avatar’s Abode is in the centre of a very populated area known as the Sunshine Coast which is a popular winter holiday region, and the anniversary coincides with several local events.

There are many various motels and accommodation options on the Sunshine coast and there is a link to some of them on the Abode's website

For most of these accommodation options visitors may need to arrange their own daily transport.

For accommodation and transport my present thinking is to:

Entertaining the Beloved

Francis Brabazon for each Anniversary always stressed that it was a time and place to entertain the Beloved. We welcome all attendees to offer their special talent to bring a smile to Meher Baba’s face.

I would like to offer:

Tours of Baba’s places of interest in Sydney (including Meher House) and Melbourne

You might be interested in going on a tour of these places which would occur before the Anniversary.


For further details please contact Charmaine Foley at

Young Adult Program

There is a possibility of there being a young adult program on Avatar's Abode either before or after the Anniversary.

Young Adult Program:

Additional Information

Please provide here any additional information for us to consider and don't hesitate to list any questions you have.

The Anniversary Planning Committee will acknowledge receipt of this form and provide an email address for further communications and progressive updates.