Avatar's Abode Anniversary 2021

Thankyou for taking the time to complete this Attendance Form for the Avatar’s Abode 2021 Anniversary. Your input will help us to better prepare for your arrival and participation. You will be assisting us with your anticipated schedule.

Jai Baba!

Anniversary Attendance Form

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Your Plans and Meals

To help determine infrastructure requirements and kitchen supplies please indicate which days you anticipate attending and which meals you think you will be having at the Abode. You will be able to prepay your meals on arrival, when registering at Reception, or purchase separately at mealtimes (CASH ONLY if paying separately, Lunch charge $10)

Number of People
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12th June

13th June

14th June

Your Involvement

Volunteers are very welcome and needed. If you or anyone in your group would like to lend a hand, please enter your name(s), work-type preference, preferred times and/or days in the box below.

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Enquiries: Sue Jamison (e-mail: suebjam77@gmail.com; or phone/text: 0466 604 684).

Enquiries: Sue Jamison (e-mail: suebjam77@gmail.com; or phone/text: 0466 604 684).

Note: After morning and afternoon Arati each day of the Anniversary anyone may present a short item (e.g. song or poem).
Transport Pickups

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