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Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, Ahmednagar, India

Baba Announces Darshan

·          Family Letter/Circular announcing Darshan 1/11/68

·          Family letter from Mani containing Avatar Meher Baba’s birthday message 26/1/69


Baba Drops the Body

·          Telegram of Baba dropping the body by Adi to Bill Le Page 2/2/69

·          Immediate Baba lover responses

·          True account of Baba dropping the body

·          Telegram from Francis 3/2/69

·          Adi K Irani announcing the Darshan still on 13/2/69

·          Letters from Francis to Bill on 10th, 16th and 27th Feb


The Program of the 1969 Darshan

·          Copy of the program of the 1969 Darshan distributed to the Australians by the mandali.

· (talks given in Mandali Hall 1969)


Home Page and Guruprasad History

·          Pictures from the photo gallery.




Avatars Abode Trust Woombye Australia

·          Let Us the People Sing by Francis Brabazon

·          Three Talks by Francis Brabazon

·          In Dust I Sing by Francis Brabazon




·          The Turning of the Key By Bill Le Page

·          Lord Meher By Bhau Kalchuri

· Volume 13 numbers 1 and 2 (American account of 1969 Darshan)




Photos from other websites

·          Guruprasad History - Baba sitting on sofa:

·          Guruprasad History - Baba watching game of checkers:




Recollections and Photos

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Roy Hayes’ Tapes

·          Transcripts and sound on this website (except Introductions) are from recordings taken by Roy Hayes in 1969.  Roy’s tapes are held in the archive room at Avatar’s Abode




·          Maria Oakhill

·          Leigh Rowan

·          Bill Le Page

·          Roy Hayes

·          Bernard Bruford

·          Felix Schmid

·          John Martin (Noddy)

·          Judith Garbett

·          Jim Miskia


1969 Photos

·          Leigh Rowan

·          Felix Schmid

·          Christine Baulch

·          Roy Hayes

·          Judith Garbett


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