Padri (addresses the group):


Where you are now sitting is Lower Meherabad. It is called Lower Meherabad, it is now the Trust property, and this building was built in 1949. Baba first came here with the mandali in 1923 when we occupied an old building here which you will see now, where Mohammed is residing which was built during the First World War during 1916. From 1916 to 1949 we occupied the building. Then later on this building was built. This is almost a replica of the old building except that this hall is 50 feet by 25 instead of 40 by 20. Otherwise it is a same replica. And during the meeting times, Baba used to sit here and give audience to the groups. Western group, Eastern group, Northern group, Southern group, and this was here where He used to meet these groups to talk about the Centres, their difficulties and whatnot.

And, before this building was built, when Baba used to reside in Upper Meherabad, the cabin that you saw where the stretcher is kept, His audience hall was this cabin where we shall see now. It is with the four signs of the religions. And during the meeting times also, there was one small room there where He also used to give audience to a group of people. But the whole group, say now you are here, so you got the whole bunch and you just sit here. Eruch and Francis would sit on His side and would read His hands or read the board.

And the mandali also lived here, in the next room. There is kitchen here, bathroom, everything. There is a dispensary here, there is a dispensary for Don also, Don used to give the allopathic side, I used to be the homeopathic side, the women were attended by Donkin and Nilu, Nilu who is dead now, one of the old pictures is there.

And this is where we lived for a number of years, then Baba went to Meherazad, Meherazad was literally established in 1943. Then Baba left from 43 to 69, and in-between He paid a visit here whenever He felt like paying a visit, or whenever these villagers and people here roundabout clamour for His darshan. And this is where He gave darshan.


Now Francis, what do you want me to do? Would we go to Mohammed now?


Francis (comments):


Ah yes, take them around to different places, Baba’s former cabin, the original cabin




Yes, yes I will but any questions?




Ask any questions you want to.



Padri (takes group on walking tour of lower Meherabad, providing commentary):


Come then, we go. We go to Baba’s cabin first.


(Everyone walking, quiet chatting, birds chirping)


Francis was telling me, if Mohammed asks for money you are not to give it to him. Don’t give him any money, if you have got anything to eat and you want to give him anything to eat, just don’t give him any money please. Baba’s orders. No money at all.

Now this building, the roof has changed but the structure remains the same. This was built under Meher Baba’s supervision in 1923, Baba Himself supervised this building and it is called a hut. In this He secluded Himself, kept silence for a few days, and this wooden structure that you see here on our side is called the Table in which Baba again secluded Himself and wrote that Book. It is a small structure. This is the Table. It was formerly there in the Dhuni, Dhuni is that fire under the tree provided in 1925. And this is the table.

Before He actually started observing ______ from 1925 onwards, in between the intermission He observed ___5:50___ for eight days, He didn’t eat or anything. But remember one thing, there was always a guard, a man wide-awake during the night, and during the day unless Baba told him to get up. There was always a man, there was always a man, anybody, just anybody, and the duties were related to anybody, night watch, day watch. If He tells anybody, “Alright get up, alright out, I want to be alone.”

But in this room, He secluded Himself in this room, this door was closed and He never used to come out, everything was done inside, and the supply was through these windows. He never showed His face even. This is what we call the hut, built in 1923, only the roof was renovated about seven or eight years ago.


Padri (talks about the Dhuni):


In India it is a custom to have a fire, and many of these masts and saints and people have always a fire burning. So Baba also had a fire burning and it was a Dhuni. This was lighted in September 1925 and during that time there was a famine and people clamoured for rain and petitioned Baba that, “Please, please give us rain.” “Alright,” Baba said, “go back home.” They couldn’t reach home, they were drenched, and that night it was lighted, and it was lighted somewhere during the September; I couldn’t give you the date exact, but it was in 1925. And Baba’s table was just under this tree somewhere where you are standing. Later on this platform was built, but this Dhuni was lighted every twelfth of the month, and according to Baba’s orders we light it every twelfth of the month.

And Baba was here, on the table here and there was a toilet built for Him, He used to come out only for the toilet and come out on the platform. That’s all, all the while in side. “Give me coffee,” “Give me tea,” or give me anything, according to His will we used to provide. And it used to come from the kitchen there where the ladies used to live. Temporary structures, all this was temporary structures, so that’s what I say that this building, the real building was built in 1949, otherwise it was just tin and bamboo and material whatnot. “Pull it down, build it, pull it down, build it.”


Alright, now we go to Mohammed. But this is the fire, it is called the Dhuni.


(New Western Speaker)

Sometimes when Baba would be on mast tour he would ask Mohammed when Baba would be back and he would give the day and date when Baba would be returning.



(Padri introduces the Australian group to Mohammed in Marathi, Mohammed says they are all mad Iranis. Roy and Ross who are approaching the group late start to laugh and Mohammed says, “You too!”)




He has been to France so I am asking him now, “Would you like to go to France, because these people are from France.”

He says, “No, I don’t want to go now.”


Now, when he was brought from Bombay in 1936, according to Baba he was trapped between the third and the fourth plane. He was stuck, literally stuck, and after he came in contact with Baba, Baba pushed him into the fifth, and in this birth he won’t make any further progress except that he is in the fifth, but he is assured. He skipped fourth; Baba made him skip fourth, and pushed him into fifth.


There was another one by the name ____ who is buried here.

Now if you come after one year, he will remember you all, that you have come, you have come, he will remember you, he is conscious, fully conscious.


You ask him give you something, he will never give it. He is like a child, just like a child.

I am asking Him whether he has got any complaints against this; she is the one who serves him. She gives him food and bath and everything. I ask him does she give you tea and food and he says, “She gives me everything.” When he is not satisfied he just shouts and calls to me and complains about her. Then I shout back and there is peace again. Just like a child. No values at all, absolutely none.


(Mike Kinnear has a banana in his pocket and Mohammed spots it and asks for it)


He’s seen the banana, come on now. You have to share now! You can’t escape that!


(Mike gives the banana, everyone is joking and laughing)


He has seen that, that’s his share now. I’m telling you you’ve got now. Let it come, let it come.


(All cheer)


Whatever it is, you must be destined to receive it…he says.


Carrie Ben Shammai:


To receive what?




Anything, you must be lucky enough. Destiny you know.

(To Mohammed) Dada, you are from Baba’s France




Carrie Ben Shammai:


Padri, tell him I come from Israel.




He doesn’t know anything except France. He has only learned France because he has gone to France.


(To Mohammed) France, you go France?







(To Mohammed) You just nod?


(To the group)You see, you play with him, you talk with him, you joke with him just like a child. You don’t annoy them, never annoy a mast.  Don’t annoy them at all, and don’t pester them.



He asked me the question that, “Last time you came I gave you a kerchief, what did you do?”

Then I said that he is telling a lie, he never gave you a kerchief.

And he says, “Yes you are right, he never gave me a kerchief.” Once you receive it he has never forgotten it.

“You have plenty of kerchiefs, why do you need it?”

“Let it be, I need it, I need them all.”


(Mohammed gives Joy Sherwood and John Borthwick scarves)


This is the old building we stayed in up to 49, from 23 onwards to 49. It is all falling down. And this is one of the rooms of the old building.

(To someone taking a picture) no, no, your lens is covered by paper! Your lens is covered.


(Padri gives some statements by Mohammed prior to Baba dropping His body)

“But Dada is going for one week.”

He said, “No, he’ll be back here by tomorrow evening. He will be back here by tomorrow evening, and Dada will drop his body.”

That was the second statement, but so far I have not known him here, I have not known him say that Baba is coming back, we never asked. If we asked he might say anything, babble anything just like a child. But that couldn’t be true, but on his own initiative if he said that Dada will be back tomorrow and Baba will drop his body, that is an absolute fact.