The group is finished with their tour given by Francis. They then meet Rhoda Dubash who tells them the story of her wedding.


Rhoda Dubash:


And I said, "Adi, you believe in Baba?"

And he said, "Yes."

"But you never told me"

"I must have forgotten."

Well that night I tossed and turned and cried and really it was a terrible night that I spent, not knowing what to do, to leave this man because he believed in Baba or to marry him. But, finally I made a decision and I said, "I will marry him but I will see that he goes the other way and not to Baba."

Well it so happened that Adi and Minoo were quite clever, and in the few months that we had before our wedding they would talk about Baba and listening to them the thought came to me that here are people who had met Baba, who had seen Baba and they told quite a different story than what I had heard as a child. So logic told me that they must be right. In any case, well after a few months our wedding day was fixed. So before I tell you about our wedding day I must tell you about the town from where we come, Karachi.

As I told you, Karachi is surrounded by desert on three sides and one side is the sea. Thatís why the climate is quite medium moderate, not very hot. And the rainfall there is about two to three inches a year and mostly in December. So the wedding was fixed for first of July.

You know, because Adi and Minoo had been talking to me about Baba and as I told you, with the logic I said, "There must be something." So one day, sitting in Karachi, I threw a silent challenge to Baba. I said, "If you are what they say you are, you send me heavenís blessings on my wedding day." By heavens blessings I meant, you know, a sort of a slight drizzle. In our community rain is a good omen, and especially if you have rain on your wedding day it means God is blessing your wedding. And after throwing this challenge I completely forgot about it in the hectic days that followed.

Now it was to be a very grand wedding. First son to get married, expense was no problem and no consideration. 1000 people were invited, money was lavished on decorations. The wedding was to be outside in the beautiful lawns of one of our clubs and so the hectic days followed. Well first of July, that is the wedding day, dawned and it was quite bright and sunny in the morning. The wedding was at about, I think the invitations were at six o'clock, say half an hour before it suddenly grew dark, and without warning it came. It rained cats and dogs. You have no idea how it rained. The whole of Karachi was literally flooded; we had water up to here, waist high. You get the idea when I say out of one thousand people only a hundred and fifty turned up for the wedding. You know the wedding was to be performed by our high priest and when my brother in law went to bring him at his house, he refused to come.

He said, "My house is flooded with water, how can I come for the wedding?" And my brother in law had to literally lift him up to put him in the car. And this priest said that, "I have been here in Karachi for the last 25 years,Ē and it was always a practice in our community to invite the priest for a wedding and he said, "In the 25 years that I have been here I have never witnessed such a wedding.Ē

†As a bride, I had on a white sari, but the car was decorated with coloured paper so by the time I got down my white sari had red and green and yellow streaks all over me because of the colours all coming out on me. So, as we were going for the wedding, one of our friends, very dear family friend, was sitting at the back of the car, and my mother was naturally in tears because the whole wedding was ruined.

So she told to my mother, "Why are you crying? God has come to your daughters wedding." Suddenly I woke up. Is it possible? Could it be true? Or is it a coincidence? Well, the minute the wedding ceremony finished, the rain stopped, and I can tell you that in the whole year it didnít rain a single day. That was the only day it rained. It was in the December of the same year that I met Baba physically for the first time in this life and the only thing that went round in my head was, "You sent heaven's blessings on my wedding day."