Correspondence and Preparations


On 26th January 1969 Mani wrote a family letter to the West which was received after the cable informing His lovers of Baba’s dropping the body. Contained in this letter was Avatar Meher Baba’s birthday message:



Beloved Avatar Meher Baba wishes all His lovers to know that His three years of intense work have shattered His health.


In spite if this He has invited His lovers from all over the world to come to Him for His darshan next summer, for it is the time for them to come to Him and receive His Love.


It is the time; and the place, Guruprasad, Poona has been fixed.


But with the present condition of His health, how Beloved Baba will give His darshan to the thousands who will come yet remains to be determined; but it will be. He will give His darshan.


This darshan, Baba says, will be the last given in Silence—the last before He speaks His world-renewing Word of words.


NOTE:             1)      No one should write, telegraph or cable for Baba’s blessings for persons or events or programmes, but remain content in the knowledge that His blessings are continually with His lovers. No such communications will be conveyed to Baba and so cannot be acknowledged.

2)       No one should attempt to see Baba until 10th April onwards in accordance with Avatar Meher Baba’s conditions printed in Life Circular No.70 dated 1st November 1968.

3)       No one should write to Baba or to the resident mandali and Adi about problems of Baba-work or conduct of Centres, or of inquiry about Baba’s health, as time and circumstance will not permit our attention.

4)       Change of postal and telegraphic address only should be communicated to Adi.






on the occasion of

His 75th Birthday—25th February, 1969.
















CABLE RECEIVED early Sunday morning, 2nd February 1969, by Bill Le Page at Meher House, Beacon Hill, N.S.W.:


Ahmednagar, India. 31st January 1969


Avatar Meher Baba dropped His physical body today, Friday 31st January at noon at Meherazad to live eternally in the hearts of all His lovers everywhere. Beloved Baba’s body will be interned at Meherabad, Arangaon on 1st February at 10 o’clock in the morning in the tomb He had ordered to be built for it long ago.


Reply sent:


Cable received. Yes, Beloved Baba lives eternally in the hearts of His lovers everywhere. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!












The following are letters detailing the immediate reactions of Marian, May, and Diana Snow following the announcement of Baba dropping the body.






Thank you so much darling for telling me of Baba’s rising from his physical body. Only this morning I was thinking of you and saying “But Baba lives in my heart even tho I cannot visit Him.” And I saw such a beautiful vision of Him. He knows His own, and He knew and still knows me. And now He is nearer than ever.

This I believe as I look at His photo; I feel a glow, for HE DOES now LIVE in the Soul of HIS LOVERS everywhere at the same time.

Bless you dear, Ill await further news.

                                  Yours very affectionately always









My Dear Diana,


Thanks for your sweet letter of Monday last. How wonderful it is to share with someone one’s deepest thoughts on our most beloved subject. It seems as if most of us feel rather similarly: we seem to have been able to take the news very well apart from the initial shock.


I got the message through Robert Rouse. When I read what I had written down I did not feel sure that I had got it right; however, I thought that must have been what he said, I have written it down and it must have come from somewhere.


Walked most of the way to Ruth and Maria’s flat at the end of the Dutton Park tramline. On the way I turned over in my mind what the news meant. Thought, Baba has said He had finished the work 100% to his satisfaction. So actually all is well. He completed everything as He had said he would do and as He apparently always has done.  When He has done a job it has usually-always been 100% to His satisfaction. Of course in His perfection he performed perfect work. So I am inclined to think that He has done everything that He intended to do. However, it could be possible, I think, that He may have left something undone that is yet to come! I think we must be prepared NOW for anything.


But it can’t be the speaking that has been left undone. To speak he needed a human body – he was to speak the word through His human mouth. Isn’t it possible that He has spoken but we have not yet had the effect of it? I am inclined to think so. Nobody here appears to have heard the WORD or felt the least little shaking at a particular time. But why did Baba go to a cave and stay there for the last moments of His earthly life, if not to finish his work properly? There was a little piece in the Courier-Mail saying that Baba had been found dead in a cave 100 miles from Bombay.


In The God-Man (p.355) Baba says: “I want you to know that I will definitely break my silence; and I want you to cling to my daaman till the very end, irrespective of whether I speak or not. I want you to remain undisturbed and unshaken by the force of life’s currents, for whatever the circumstances they too will be of my own creation.


On p.356:


My silence must break. There is no escape from it. I shall not lay down my body until I have given the WORD to the world. Of my own I shall not break my silence; Universal crisis will make me do so. When the Crisis will reach its absolute culmination, it will make me utter the WORD at that moment.


P. 282: According to my Final Decision, except for the time factor everything will happen in every detail and sequence as declared, clarified and determined by me.










P.278: The breaking of my silence and my uttering the one WORD of words: was said in my own language and simultaneously in yours, because when I utter that word, it will be an audible word to you. (This was given at a meeting in India).


I think it is most likely that Baba has spoken although I, dense as I am, did not hear the WORD. Perhaps some did.


Although he has also said (and this has not apparently come to pass, at least here): “And the reaction will be as instantaneous and as various as the reaction of people in a room through which a cobra suddenly and swiftly passes, when some would nervously laugh, some lose control of their bowels and some feel great courage or reasonless hope and joy.


Several people I have spoken to feel they have received something since they were told of Baba’s passing. Bernard feels more relaxed and I think hopeful and enthusiastic, i.e. more than ever. George (and 18 year-old B-lover) feels that everybody around is more friendly, and I feel people around me at work are more friendly (or do I imagine it?) One of the young ones feels more elated these last few days. Somehow the world seems a bit cleaner, but of course this could be imagination and nothing else.


To sum up: all is apparently well. Yet, maybe we are in for something more. It will indeed be interesting to hear from somebody over at Meherazad or Ahmednagar. Maybe the closest ones have become God-realized and have left their bodies too? Or are in a dazed state for now.


                      Again, thanks very much for writing.


                                                                      With much love from,

                                                                                              May Lundquist


PS We’ll see about future work eventually. For now I don’t do anything.











The following is the true account of Meher Baba’s dropping the body as given by the resident mandali:






The three years of intense work in seclusion had had an untold effect upon His body, and a faint reflection of this on us caused a deep depression among us. But beloved Baba warned us that this was disobeying His order to be always cheerful in His presence. And He quoted: “Befitting a fortunate slave, carry out every command of the Master without any question of why and what.”

On 13th October 1968 Baba told us that He would give His darshan to all His lovers all over the world from 10th April to 10th June 1969. Considering His physical condition, we were apprehensive of His body standing such a strain. But He said, “It will be easy for Me to give My lovers My darshan, so you are not to feel concerned about it. I will give darshan reclining and that will be no strain on My body. It will be different from all previous darshans and it will be the last in silence. Although I will be reclining I will be very strong. My physical condition now is because of My work, but by then My work will be complete and My exaltation will be great. A very poor man winning a rich lottery can become so excited over his fortune that he collapses and dies. My fortune will be in My work being finished and in the knowledge of its certain results; but My exaltation will not cause My collapse – it will be My glory.”

Despite these assurances, Baba’s health became worse. But the symptoms were completely confusing to the doctors we called from Poona and Bombay. His blood urea was so high that the doctors said usually an ordinary man in such a condition would go into a coma, but there was not even the least sign of mental confusion or the faintest trace of uremic odour. Similarly, when muscular spasms were occurring, when a specialist from Bombay examined Him, he asked why he had been called, because there were no symptoms at all – Baba’s condition was quite normal.

Outwardly, to our eyes, Baba’s condition deteriorated still further, and we wanted to take Him to Poona so that further tests could be carried out, but He refused to go and warned us that we should not try and take Him against His wish. He said, “If you want me to drop my body now, then take me to Poona. My condition has no medical grounds at all; it is due purely to the strain of My work. Do not call the doctors again until I tell you.” And so, helpless before His will, we had to obey His will.

Over the last days Baba’s body manifested severe spasms, and He told us, “This is my Crucifixion.” Two days before He dropped His body, He told us to call the doctors. The one from Poona came the next morning and said he could do nothing until further tests were done so that a definite diagnosis could be arrived at; and this could only be done if Baba went to Poona. Baba said to him, “My time has come.”

The next day the doctor from Bombay came, and also one from Ahmednagar. By the time they arrived a great spasm shook His body, the pulse rate fell to nothing, and breathing ceased. This was at 12:15 pm. At 12 noon He had been joking with us about all the medicines He had been given.

In the evening we brought His body to Meherabad. The sun was setting and the moon was rising as we placed it in His tomb for His lovers to take His darshan, fulfilling Baba’s word that He would give His darshan reclining.








Feb 3/69



My dear John and all at Avatar’s Abode

and dear May and all locally and in Brisbane

whom it concerns:



The news of beloved Baba’s dropping His body will have come as a great shock, especially when you were looking forward to seeing Him soon.


But you will see Him. He will keep His word that all His lovers will have His darshan, sometime, somehow, somewhere. It is for us now to become His real lovers, to begin to live as He wants us to live.


          All my love to all of you.



                                              Signed: Francis.











The following are letters between Francis Brabazon and Bill Le Page following the true account of Baba’s passing.







10 February 1969



My dear Bill,


By now you will have received the “true account” of beloved Baba’s dropping of His body. This was issued to counteract such reports as the Times of India: “Meher Baba found dead in a cave.” And, anyway, it was as well to record it while it was still clear in our minds.

Following the pronouncement that beloved Baba’s body was dead, Eruch, Pendu, Bhau, I, Don, and Dr. Ginde came to my room to decide what to do. Ginde said that the body should be interred within 24 hours. Don concurred, and Eruch agreed. I objected, quoting what Baba had said some days before: “Even though my condition so worsens that I lose consciousness and go into a coma, I will come back.” I said that we should wait three days. But I soon saw that I was confusing coma with death. Baba was not in a coma, His body was dead. Then Mani came over from the women’s house. They wanted Baba kept for three days. And I joined the others in persuading her that it could not be done. The time of internment was set for 10 am the next day.

Eruch went over to the pumping station, rang Adi, and told him what had happened and told him to arrange for an ambulance. It came two to three hours later, and we took the body to Meherabad and placed it in the tomb.

The next morning some of the ‘Nagar lovers headed by Sarosh arrived at the tomb demanding that the internment should be delayed for some days so that lovers from other places could see their Beloved’s physical form for the last time. When he was told the medical opinion, he declared that the doctors had no say in the matter, their part was finished, that the body belonged to the trustees of the tomb (of which he is one), and that he would take full responsibility if decomposition set in. He and the others who had come with him also protested that the body should have been taken in procession and laid in state at the ‘Nagar Avatar Meher Baba Centre—a comparatively recently established centre—before being brought to the tomb. The mandali agreed to put off the internment. As long as the body remained fresh, the tomb would not be closed.

By now the stream of lovers had begun to flow and phone calls and telegrams to pour into Adi’s office asking had the internment taken place? Was there still time to come? Baba’s brother Adi cabled from London that he had Delia [DeLeon] were coming and wanted transport from Bombay arranged. Don Stevens also cabled that he was coming and had arranged his own transport.

Now on the second or third day, Sunday or Monday, Mehera said that when, some days before beloved Baba dropped His body, she was imploring Him to make Himself well and strong, He had told her that seven days after the end of January He would be well and strong. She now took this to mean that the tomb should be kept open for seven days. Also the 7th February would be His birthday according to the Parsi calendar, and the internment—to her His actual death-day when she would be separated from Him forever—should be on the same day. She would not be dissuaded from this even though the grave risk of decomposition having set in before this was pointed out to her. And it would seem that her Beloved indulged her wish and kept His body fresh for seven days.







If I had believed that this would be, I could have cabled you to come. But I did not believe it and only had the thought that it was better for you not to come than come and find the tomb closed, or worse, that the decomposition had begun and the tomb had remained unclosed. During the first few days there was much sweet singing by various bhajan parties and qawwals, but after a generator had been brought to make light for the photographers the singing was amplified to the point of distortion.

For myself, I took little part in it all. I just sat, and when tired of sitting stood or walked about, and when people came at me, often in batches of twenty or thirty, I folded my hands in greeting and said Jai Baba. I felt friendly, but detached. I had nothing to say and wanted to hear nothing. I thought often of you and the other dear ones over there.

But Eruch remained beloved Baba’s indispensable and beloved right hand all through, caring for His body all day as he had cared for it for the last thirty years, and keeping watch at the door of the tomb at night. For three days and nights he did not eat or sleep. But after that Bhau shared the night watch, and Eruch had two to three hours sleep each night.

By the third day people were arriving from as far north as Delhi and Dehra Dun and as far south as Vijayawada and Gunter in Andhra. On the sixth day Rick Chapman and Allan Cohen along with Aneece Hassan came from San Francisco. Aneece, a Sufi-Reorientist, had brought a whole range of cameras and after taking darshan of his Beloved began photographing and filming everything, even coming out here to film the room where Baba dropped His body and the surroundings.

At 11 o’clock on the last morning, the 7th, darshan was stopped, the floor of the tomb was swept, and the resident mandali and then Mehera and the women took their last darshan of the Beloved. Then we brought in a lidless plywood coffin. The press of people outside the door was so great that i had to fight to keep my hold on it as we brought it in. We inverted it and lowered it over Baba. Ropes of flowers were laid along it, and the women came once more and wept. Then the men, including those who had come from overseas, each took a handful of earth and sprinkled it on the coffin, and then all the other lovers filed past and touched the remaining earth before it was filled in.

It is now Monday night the 10th. Mehera refused to return here Friday evening and is still at Meherabad with the women and a crowd of other women who have been close to her for years. She and they want to stay on there permanently. But at last she has been prevailed upon to return tomorrow with the resident women, and the others will return to their homes. I have received your two cables; the first acknowledging the cable informing you of Beloved Baba’s dropping of His body and advising that you had sent word to Queensland, Melbourne, and New Zealand; the second (which has only just been handed to me), “cable received Yes beloved Baba lives eternally in the hearts of his lovers everywhere Avatar Meher Baba ki jai.” Yes, brother, the victory is His.

                      Always in Him,








P.S. In reply to a number of lovers in U.S. who have got the idea into their heads that they should still come to Poona for darshan April 1 – June 10, a long cable has been sent out, copies of which were sent also to you and Denis. If any approach you about this, tell them that the better plan would be to come next year or the year after that, when some accommodation will have been built. There is absolutely none now. If they come this year, they will be allowed to visit the tomb for half-day only. When there is proper accommodation, they will be able to stay for a week or two. What would be the best thing would be the expression of love through practical service. Baba has left no provision for the people here and for many outside who were dependant upon Him for years for their everyday needs. It would be a grand thing if all who were coming for the May darshan contributed a portion of their cost of the trip towards the continued maintenance of these people. But such contributions should not be sent until you get word from me to whom to send. It is not yet clear who will be the manager and purse-keeper here. It might be best not to bring up the matter generally yet, but only with any who have the idea of going to Poona in May. But you will know best. – F.









Meher House,

Kalianna Crescent,

Beacon Hill. N.S.W. 2100

13th February, 1969



Dear May,


                      The following cable has just been received:


“Despite Baba’s physical absence those lovers who desire to visit Guruprasad Poona to honour Baba’s invitation for Darshan up to 10th June can still come abiding strictly to the scheduled dates and conditions as per Family Letter dated 1st November. Journey will now include half day visit to Meherabad to pay homage at Baba’s tomb. After 10th June anyone can make pilgrimage to Poona and Baba’s tomb individually or collectively, understanding that all arrangements must be made on one’s own. Inform all concerned in your area. Jai Baba!


                                              Adi K. Irani”




Please circularise as indicated and ascertain those who will be going.


The dates for the group travel will be either approximately 10th May to 20th May, or 20th May to 30th May,


The total cost of fares and accommodation etc. will be approximately $600.00.


Please notify me at earliest convenience those who will be going.














Although the following letter was not addressed to Bill, Francis sent Bill a carbon copy of the letter to provide a further account of Baba’s passing.



16 February 1969



My dear ____,


Your letter of February 7th came yesterday evening. I can quite understand that it seemed inconceivable at first that beloved Baba had dropped His body. So it was to us here.


For hours, in relays, we had been pressing His limbs. Suddenly Goher cried, “No, Baba, No!” and I became aware that our Beloved Baba had stopped breathing. Goher recovered sufficiently to prepare and give and injection. Eruch began mouth-to-mouth respiration. Mehera came in and collapsed at the head of the bed, moaning, “Baba khuda cher” (Baba, you are God), “You can come back if You will.” Goher said to me, “Why don’t you try resuscitation? You know how to do that.” I knew nothing would be of any use, yet I kept wondering why the other doctors had not come. They would do something, Goher was too distraught to think.

Then the doctors arrived, and just stood about. I was thinking, why don’t you fellows do something? They gave oxygen and a cardiac injection, apparently in a show of doing something. But the Lord of the Universe had finished with His body and did not resume breathing. Eruch had collapsed from sheer physical exhaustion, but had soon recovered. He was caressing His beloved’s face and I noticed him lightly pressing His eyelids down; and I wondered why he was doing that, one only did that to someone who had died.

God does not die, and it was not the time for Him to drop His body. We were not ready for Him to do that; so much had yet to happen before He did that. But at the same time a pale gladness, as you did, old friend, that He no longer had to support His pain-racked body.

No doubt when the time is ripe by His Grace we will know what He said we would. It us up to each of us now to become worthy of that Grace by trying to love Him as He should be loved, by living as He would wish us to live.

That evening we took the body to Meherabad and placed it in the tomb, where it remained fresh for seven days, and thousands of His lovers were able to see Him. At 12:00 noon on the seventh day the tomb was closed. If I had known this would be so, I could have cabled you and the others to come. We had decided on the advice of the doctors to inter the body the next morning after Baba had dropped it, but the next morning it was agreed that so long as decomposition had not started, the tomb would be kept open. This went on day by day for seven days...














27th February 1969



My dear Bill,


     Today at noon, Kaka, the giant, came out of his room and sat down in his chair; a momentary spasm seized him and his heart stopped beating. He had, through the years, battled through five heart attacks; now his heart has tired and just stopped. We buried him at sunset here at Meherazad where he had lorded it over all for twenty years.

          Although small of stature, only 5’2”, he had been one who would fight anybody at the drop of an ill word. And after he came to Baba, he was a giant in hardships in his Lord’s service and a great source of entertainment to Him.


     Over the last year a great change took place in him: he became a happy child and the playfellow of all-- especially of beloved Baba’s—although now and again the old fire would burst into flame and he was again momentarily the lord of Meherazad. During the last few months he used to entertain beloved Baba nearly every day with a nonsense Name-repetition in which we would all join, with Baba beating time. The tempo would get faster and faster until, out of breath and with our arms aloft, we would finish on a great, “Ho!” Beloved Baba would be doubled up with laughter, and would tell us that Kaka took away for a moment His great burden. Then He would have Kaka kiss Him on both cheeks as a reward.

     Although he was taken to the tomb at Meherabad every day during the Seven Days, he never knew that beloved Baba had dropped His body. He thought, it seems, that Baba had gone into His tomb to give the people His darshan, and that we were keeping Him there. Only yesterday he demanded that we bring Baba back here.

     Well, now he has gone to his Beloved, and I don’t think he will be chucked back here again. We and about fifty from ‘Nagar and Pimpalgaon gave him a good send-off with shouts of Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!



                                              Much love to you

                                              And to all,




JAI BABA—the victory is His.











The following documents  were circulated in association with the trip and travel arrangements for the Australian Baba lovers to the Great Darshan:








“...Have had a note from Francis saying that Eruch and the others are strongly of the view that the April-June Darshan should go on exactly as planned.”


A bit of information for those interested – definitive departure date 10th May, returning on the morning of the 24th may. Between the 10th and the 14th (when the period in Poona starts) I am arranging a trip to Ellora, a place associated with beloved Baba. We spend exactly 7 days in Poona, then a day’s stay in Bombay and home. This in my opinion makes a good Baba trip all round and the cost is still approx. $600 – may be a few dollars either way. Please send as soon as possible names and addresses of definite goers.


Love, Bill.










Meher House,


Kalianna Crescent,




28th March, 1969




Dear Lover of Baba,





Bookings have now been confirmed as per itinerary dated 27th February, 1969, which was forwarded to you.


It will be necessary for all passengers to hold valid Passports and Health Certificates covering Vaccination against Smallpox and Inoculation against Cholera. Inoculation against Typhoid is also advisable but not compulsory. If any information regarding these formalities is required please contact me as soon as possible.


Under the conditions applicable to Group Travel, it is necessary for 10% of the air fare, i.e. $54.00 to be paid by P & O Lines to the airline not later than 30 days prior to departure, and this means that the amount payable must be lodged with me prior to the 10th April.  THIS DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SHOULD THE GROUP AS A WHOLE OR ANY INDIVIDUAL MEMBER CANCEL THEIR BOOKING. Additionally, the total balance of fare amounting to $547.70 (including airfare, accommodation, and excursion to Ellora) must be paid to Mr. Le Page no later than the 18th April. Cheques should be made payable to Meher House Publications. No refund of the air content of this balance of fare can be obtained except in extenuating circumstances, as strictly laid down by the International Air Transport Association. However, the final costing of accommodation is not yet known and refund of any unused moneys will be made on return to Australia.


In view of the above, careful consideration should be given to the fact that you will definitely be travelling prior to paying your deposits on this booking.


In order to facilitate bookings, particularly hotels, could we have your firm acceptance, together with deposit, by return mail. This, naturally, excludes those of you who have already forwarded deposits or total payment.


If there is any further information you require please do not hesitate to communicate with me.















      depart Bris. 6.45 p.m.  8th


      arr. Syd. 12.45 p.m. next day 9th


      Cost = $10.00     Return = $18.00


      Book about 4 days in advance only



      Book for Christine, Ruth, George, May.










P & O Lines of Australia Pty Ltd

Incorporated in New South Wales



14th April, 1969



Dear Sir or Madam,




We have the pleasure of making the travel bookings on behalf of your Group, through Mr. Le Page, and we are wondering if you require any assistance in regard to documentation formalities.


As already advised, it is necessary for all passengers to be in possession of valid Passports and Health Certificates covering Smallpox and Cholera. If you already hold these documents, would you please complete the enclosed Questionnaire and forward to us by return mail – a Reply Paid envelope is attached for your convenience. If your Health documents have been filled in by your local Doctor and not stamped by the Commonwealth Authorities, would you please forward them to us, together with the name and address of your Doctor, so that we can arrange this on your behalf.


If you do not already hold the above documents, it is important they are obtained as soon as possible and you should advise us immediately regarding any details on which you are not clear.


As your first night in Bombay is a comparatively  short stopover period, we suggest that any clothing and personal articles required overnight be kept a separate, small, cabin-type or overnight bag so that these are readily  available, and this will save any opening or repacking of your main baggage during the transit stop.


Also enclosed is an Application Form for an Indian Tourist Card. Please complete this and return with the Questionnaire.


If there is any further information you require, please communicate with the writer as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully,


As Agents


S.B. Jones














P & O Lines of Australia Pty Ltd

Incorporated in New South Wales



22nd April, 1969



Dear Miss Lundquist,


We have pleasure in enclosing Indian Tourist Introduction Card on your behalf. This document should be kept with your passport at all times throughout your trip to India. The Indian Tourist Card helps you to obtain various concessions in India and also makes Customs and Immigration formalities far easier than for passengers who are not in possession of these documents.


Regarding your health documents, they can be stamped by the Commonwealth Authorities in Brisbane, and as your Doctor is registered in Queensland, we suggest you call in at the Health Department with your Vaccination Card, when completed, and they will stamp it as necessary.


Tickets and further information will be forwarded shortly.


Yours faithfully,


As Agents



S.B. Jones



















P & O Lines of Australia Pty Ltd

Incorporated in New South Wales










Sat. 10th May  Dep. Sydney            11.15 a.m.   Air India Flt. AI. 115B

               via Perth, Singapore & Madras      ‘Boeing 707’ Jet

               Arr. Bombay            11.59 p.m.


               AJANTA PALACE HOTEL (Stopover at Airline’s expense)

Sun. 11th  "   Dep. Bombay             6.55 a.m.   Indian Airlines Flt. IC. 121

               Arr. Aurangabad         7.55 a.m.   ‘HS748’ Prop-Jet


               Day at leisure


               AURANGABAD & PRINTAVEL HOTELS (2 Nights)


Tues. 13th "   Dep. Aurangabad         8.25 a.m.   Indian Airlines Flt. IC. 122

               Arr. Bombay             9.25 a.m.   ‘HS748’ Prop-Jet

               WEST END HOTEL (1 Night)

Wed.  14th "   Dep. Bombay             5.30 p.m.   Indian Airlines Flt. IC. 157

               Arr. Poona              6.00 p.m.   ‘Viscount’

               ACCOMODATION IN POONA (7 Nights)

Wed.  21st "   Dep. Poona              6.30 p.m.   Indian Airlines Flt. IC. 158

               Arr. Bombay             7.00 p.m.   ‘Viscount’

               WEST END HOTEL (Stopover at Airline’s expense)

                              (except for breakfast on final morning)

Fri.  23rd "   Dep. Bombay            11.30 a.m.   Air India Flt. AI. 106B

               Via Madras, Kuala Lumpur,           ‘Boeing 707’ Jet

                    Singapore and Perth

Sat.  24th "   Arr. Sydney             9.35 a.m.




All times shown are local and schedules subject to alteration without notice


NOTE:   It is necessary to reconfirm your onward booking as soon as possible after arrival at each stopover point. Contact the Airline concerned and ascertain departure details and any alteration to schedules. Failure to reconfirm at least 72 hours prior to departure, when your stopover is longer than this period, means automatic cancellation of all onward reservations.


SYDNEY. April. 1969.











P & O Lines of Australia Pty Ltd

Incorporated in New South Wales




1st May, 1969


Dear Miss Lundquist,




We have pleasure in enclosing Air India Tickets Nos. 0983-3301990/1 covering Economy Class travel on your behalf as per the enclosed itinerary. An additional copy of the itinerary is included in case you wish to leave this with friends or relatives.


It will be necessary for you to check in at the Air India Desk in the International Terminal, Mascot no later than 10:15 a.m. on Saturday, 10th May. It should be noted that there is no transportation available from the Air India City Office to Mascot. The enclosed Outgoing Passenger Card should be completed, one per person, and handed to the Immigration Authorities at the Airport, who will also require to see your Passports.


An important notice regarding health, etc. is enclosed.


As already advised, where possible, clothing and personal articles that are required for the night’s stopover in Bombay should be kept in a separate bag to your main luggage.


Your free baggage allowance is 44 lbs. (20 kilos) per person. However, the following articles, when retained in your custody, will be carried free over and above the free baggage allowance:- A ladies’ handbag or purse, overcoat, umbrella or walking stick, a small camera, binoculars, and a reasonable amount of reading matter. You are reminded to include in your baggage a torch and a wide brimmed sun hat, and it us suggested that those women who feel the heat should include a small umbrella.


A supply of inside baggage labels is attached and these should be completed and stuck on the inside of your cases for identification in case of damage to the outside tag. Destination labels, etc. will be attached when your baggage is checked in at the Airport.











- 2 -



If any passengers require a vegetarian or other special diet on the various flights, would you please advise us IMMEDIATELY as this can be arranged provided adequate notice is given to the Airline.


As you are aware, the amount already paid covers only air fares, hotel accommodation and meals and the coach excursion to Ellora, and it should therefore be noted that all items of personal expenditure, such as laundry, extra meals or snacks, souvenirs, etc. are at your own expense. Please arrange for your own supply of Traveller’s Cheques to be issued by your Bank to cover these expenses. A small supply of US Dollar bills or Indian Rupee notes is handy for any immediate expenses.


A further Questionnaire is enclosed and this should be completed and returned in the attached Reply Paid Envelope.


We would like to take this opportunity of wishing you a pleasant flight.


Yours faithfully,


As Agents.



S.B. Jones

















It may be helpful to warn passengers of the dangerous effects of excessive exposure to sun on those whose skin is not used to such exposure.


Also it is not usually realised that in hot countries even when it is over-cast with cloud and no bright sunshine is seen, it is common for severe sunburn to follow exposure because the burning rays of the solar spectrum can penetrate through the cloud and cause severe sunburn to those who unsuspectingly expose their skins. Hats should be worn and sunglasses are also helpful.


In hot countries intestinal infections, such as Typhoid, Dysentery and Gastro-enteritis, are more common than in cold countries, and food or drink which has become infected in some way is usually the cause. Flies often play a part in this infection. The danger is reduced by having food or drinks only in reputable eating places and by refraining from eating or drinking anything from bazaars or stalls. Some foods and drinks are more liable to be infected than other, for example, fruits which are eaten unpeeled, such as strawberries, cherries, grapes, dates and slices of melon or pineapple which have been exposed; whereas fruits like bananas and oranges, which must be peeled, may be safer; although infected material from the skin can be transferred to the internal part by the fingers during peeling if care is not taken. Vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, which are not cooked before eating are sometimes suspected as washing does not always remove infection, and vegetables recently cooked are safer. Even recently cooked food may become infected in various ways after cooking: for example, by flies. Freezing is no safeguard and frozen foods, such as ice cream or ice, have often been found to be infected. Water from a reliable water supply or which has been boiled is safe providing it is not put in an infected container or has not been infected in some other way, such as by flies; and the same applies to milk which has been boiled, or to other drinks.


We would like to emphasize once again that it is advisable to eat and drink only in reputable catering establishments.


It is also advisable for a supply of tablets, such as Entro-Vioform, to be obtained from your local Chemist to combat any stomach upsets. Should you require any further information, please consult your Doctor. If any passengers suffer form travel sickness, they can obtain the better know preventative pills. Salt tablets are sometimes beneficial in hot climates for those who perspire heavily.




Non-residents staying in India for not more than six months an import duty-free –


200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 150 Gms. tobacco

1 bottle wine and 1 bottle spirits

A small quantity of perfume




There is no restriction, PROVIDED THE AMMOUNT IMPORTED IS DECLARED ON ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE. However, you are not allowed to export from India any additional currency to that which was declared upon arrival.












List of Attendees

The Great Darshan

Guruprasad, Poona

May 1969

Australian Group





1)   Bill Le Page

2)   Joan Le Page

3)   Ruth Le Page

4)   Michael Le Page

5)   Jenny Le Page

6)   Reg Paffle

7)   John Grant

8)   Grace Swan

9)   Marjorie Donaldson

10)  May Lundquist

11)  Judith Garbett

12)  John Bruford

13)  Joan Bruford

14)  Bernard Bruford

15)  Dina Franklin

16)  Gerald Franklin

17)  Lee Buchanan

18)  Beth Buchanan

19)  Robert Buchanan

20)  Diana Snow

21)  Oswald Hall

22)  Betty Hall

23)  Ena Lemmon

24)  Gladys Hewitt

25)  Meryl Baulch

26)  Rosemary Adam

27)  Christine Shipway

28)  Felix Schmid

29)  Maria Gray

30)  Stephen Campbell

31)  Leigh Campbell

32)  Roy Hayes

33)  John Borthwick

34)  George McGahey

35)  Jim Sherwood

36)  Robert Welsh

37)  John Martin

38)  Paul Smith

39)  Ann Smith

40)  Jim Miskia

41)  Denis Smith

42)  Joy Bleechmore

43)  Mike Kinnear

44)  Janine Kinnear

45)  Gwenda Hull

46)  Margaret Hall

47)  Margaret Langeley

48)  Phillip Motherwell

49)  Peter Barrett

50)  Stephen Seale *


* Attended after the Australian group returned.