Rano Khorshed Naja Soonamasi Meheru Mani Arnavaz Mehera The Ancient One Francis Pendu Bhau Bal Natu Eruch Aloba


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The Program







9.00 – 11 A.M.



Thursday 15th May


1)         9 o’clock. Opening the Darshan on the 15th May 1969 with the recitation of the Master’s Prayer.


2 a)      Mehera joins group with the greeting of “Jai Baba.” Mani gives a few words from Mehera; then Mehera, Mani and women Mandali sing arti to Baba (this Gujarati arti was composed by Baba in the early days for His disciples to sing). Recitation of Gujarati Arti and English translation.


3)         Announcement by Eruch.


a)         From 10 o’clock Baba-lovers should start taking darshan of Baba in the Hall so that all may leave promptly at 11 o’clock as fixed by Baba.


b)         After darshan visit Baba’s bedroom. This room now has special significance because it is where Baba worked strenuously during His Seclusion while at Guruprasad.


c)         The women in the group to come to Guruprasad on 15th evening from 5.30 to 7.30 to meet Mehera, Mani and the women Mandali.


d)         In case of illness, inform hotel manager or a Baba-volunteer who will then contact a doctor, at Ruby Hall Nursing Home (Dr.Grant’s), phone 25391.


4)         Address by Francis “The Mighty Beloved”.


5)         11 o’clock bus will come to collect group.





Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May


6)         Programme commences at 9 o’clock. The group’s performance to entertain Baba, to be given on 16th and 17th for half an hour each morning, after which Francis will read some selected poems and Adi will give a short talk. Bus to collect group at 11 o’clock.


7 a)      On the 16th morning before returning to the hotels, visit the Babajan-tree at Bund Garden where Baba gave farewell darshans before leaving Poona for Meherazad each year.


b)         On the 16th evening from 4.30 to 7.30 Jal will take the whole group visiting Baba places. Those who do not wish to go should inform Jal on the 15th morning. You will go to:


Sassoon Hospital where Baba was born.


The following is His message given on the 9th October 1968 in commemoration of Sassoon Hospital centenary:


“I give my blessings to the administrative,

medical, worker staff of this hospital, in

which I, the deliverer of the world, was

delivered to the world.”


                        to:        Babajan’s shrine and


                        to:        Baba’s room in Baba House.


c)         On the 17th at 4.30 p.m. Jal will take the whole group to the Film Institute to see Baba Films:


Baba with lepers, Baba at Guruprasad,

Baba on Meherabad Hill – The Great Darshan


d)         The men in the group, after seeing the films to come to Guruprasad on 17th evening from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m. to be with the men Mandali.





Sunday 18th May


8 a)      On Sunday the 18th the whole group goes to Meherabad and Meherazad, leaving Poona at 6.00 a.m. sharp. Returning the same evening to be at the respective hotels by dinnertime 8.00 p.m.


b)         Your hotel will provide a lunch snack. Each of you to take particular care to carry your snack box with you to Meherabad. IMPORTANT: Do not forget your hats or parasols.


c)         On Meherabad Hill and at Meherazad, please keep together so that you do not miss anything your guide will want to show you and tell you.


d)         Arrival at Meherabad Hill will be at about 9 o’clock. You will take darshan at Baba’s Tomb and then visit the West room to see Baba-things kept in glass cases.


e)         At 11 o’clock be ready to go down the Hill in your respective buses to visit lower Meherabad and have your snack there (cold drinks and light refreshments may be purchased from the stall at Lower Meherabad). At 12.30 leave Meherabad for Meherazad (which is 15 miles north of Meherabad).


f)          At Meherazad refresh yourselves with Meherazad drinking water. See the “Blue Bus” – the “Caravan” of New Life days, the “Manonash cabin” and the Seclusion Hill from a distance. (As there will be no time—none should think of climbing the Hill.)


g)         Then see the Mandali Hall – where Baba gave darshan to visitors and sat daily with the Mandali, and where He formulated the curricular for His lovers to have His darshan on His terms.


h)         Then visit Baba’s bedroom for darshan. This room now has special significance because it is where Baba left His body.


i)          Leave Meherazad at 3 o’clock sharp for Ahmednagar to visit Adi’s office and the Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Centre (Secretary J.K Rangule). You can purchase tea at the cinema canteen opposite to the Centre.


j)          Leave Ahmednagar by 5 o’clock reaching Poona at about 8 o’clock in time for dinner.





Monday 19th May


9)         On the 19th morning at 9 o’clock all can visit Guruprasad again for Baba darshan and farewell before leaving Poona. Programme of entertainment by the group and visiting Andhra group. Talk by Eruch.


10)       The group-heads are requested to settle with Jal the transportation bills of their groups for the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th May, before leaving Poona.


11)       On the 19th evening from 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. the group is invited by the secretary K.K.Ramakrishnan of the Avatar Meher Baba Poona Centre to take part in the usual Monday night Meeting at the Centre. Jal will arrange transport from the hotels to the Centre and back.





Tuesday 20th May


12)       Group prepare to leave for Bombay.