What has been happening on Avatar’s Abode – Edition 4

  • Ted and Janet Judson are staying close to the Abode until mid May. In March Ted gave a talk on some of his Trust work of nearly 40 years of architecture and building at Meherazad and Meherabad including the Memorial Tower. The talk was well attended and received. Baba initiated the Tower and the history of its design and construction is awesome.
  • Four regular weekly meetings continue on the Abode. In addition we are now having Arati with singing afterwards while Ted is visiting. It is being held in Baba’s House at 9.30am on Saturday mornings.
  • The Grounds Working Group, headed by Felix Schmid, has been very active. The regular working bees focus on the area around buildings, excluding private residences. Recent projects have been garden maintenance around the Pilgrim Quarters and establishing turf around Francis’s Cabin. As well as from participating in this work group, Reg Love has begun some low maintenance plantings with an emphasis on colour.
  • Following Robert Rouse’s funeral 60 people gathered for a wake at the Bruford residence giving the opportunity to recall more aspects of the Rouses’ life of service to Meher Baba and His Abode.
  • The catering of the kitchen has been improved with the installation of a new large electric oven with five gas top burners.
  • We have had very unusual weather – December to end of March was particularly dry – it is usually the wettest months. Late March brought good falls (nearly 250mm).
  • The dam water supply for toilets and outdoor taps became critically low in February. However, this enabled the dam to be cleaned of about 35 years of sludge by an excavator and thus restoring its former capacity. It is again full. (Water is pumped to the summit and gravity feeds to all buildings).
  • The drinking water storage has been increased at Judith’s Cottage with the installation of an additional water tank and now for the first time all the roof water is collected.
  • Road works - 30 metres of road base with bobcat work has vastly improved the track to Francis’s Cabin and a lot of the circuit track below the buildings.
  • In December Annie Craft and Karim Mellowship were married. The wedding was beautiful with a strong Baba presence. The ceremony was held outdoors near the Meeting Hall and the weather was great.
  • Suzie Iimura and Jake Horsey plus family came to stay on Avatar’s Abode in January. Suzie and Jake both did impressive work on the Abode. Suzie mainly super spring cleaned buildings and Jake worked on the gardens, grounds and buildings.
  • Ward Parks from Meherabad presented insights on and explanations of Infinite Intelligence over two weekends in February to a group of over 30 enthusiastic attendees in Baba’s House.
  • In March, Richard Blum and his fiancée Lynne visited from Myrtle Beach. Richard gave a well attended talk at Baba’s House, linking Baba's cosmology in God Speaks with the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics by considering the basic nature of time. A lively discussion ensued.
  • Regular mowing or other noisy maintenance around Baba’s House is planned to be carried out only between 10am and 3pm. This leaves a quiet time in the morning and afternoon. There may be some exceptions due to difficult weather or preparation for events.
  • A Request: A volunteer is needed to clean Francis’s Cabin after pilgrims leave. This is a small but important job. It could be shared by two people. Contact Ros Hayes 5442 1544.

Friends of Avatar's Abode – Jai Baba!
11 April 2014

What has been happening on Avatar’s Abode – Edition 3

  • Many activities continue at the Abode on a regular basis – different study reading groups (currently 3), work bees, film nights and coffee gatherings. Annette Harloff has continued the delicious community lunches while Gusi is in India.
  • Liz Gaskin has completed a magnificent job revamping the Abode’s website at www.avatarsabode.com.au. This project has had lots of support. Annette Harloff – 'content collection walla'; Ray Kerkhove – biography of Meher Baba; Ross Keating – biography of Francis Brabazon; Sam Saunders – The Golden Book Of Praise music and lyrics: Jim Frisino – design input; others attended meetings with input and still others provided photos. Keep up to date with Upcoming Events at the Abode by visiting the Home page – perhaps by smart phone or tablet.
  • The area of the Abode being regularly mowed by volunteers continues to increase. The annual tractor slashing bill has been reduced by $500. Apart from the visual appeal and better control of weeds this also reduces the hazard of fire. Miles, Sim, Felix and Bernard make up the main mowing team.
  • Mowing around Baba’s House is now restricted to between 8.30 and 10a.m. and after 4.30p.m.
  • Late Spring rains brought over of 110 millimetres (4½ inches) and the Abode is green with the bush fire danger reduced for the time being.
  • A recent detailed white ant (termite) inspection of the non-residential buildings gave an all clear.
  • Work is nearly finished on a walkway between Baba’s House and the The Shed. It has been a problem with wet weather at the last two June Anniversaries.
  • The no claim excess on the Avatar’s Abode insurance policies has been increased to from $500 to $2500 resulting in a reduction of the annual premium of $1755. The new figure of $8225 remains a major outlay and does not include other premiums such as Voluntary Workers and the compulsory Workcover.
  • The Spring Sahavas focus this year was Avatar Meher Baba and His Five Perfect Masters. It was great success with Gokaran and Urmilla Shrivastava from Meherabad as our wonderful guests.
  • The solar system that was installed on the Kitchen roof is significantly helping to reduce the power bills for Avatar’s Abode.
  • A Request: A volunteer is needed to regularly maintain the small gardens around Judith’s Cottage (and also a small flat area of grass).

Friends of Avatar’s Abode – Jai Baba!
1 December 2013

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