What has been happening on Avatar’s Abode – Edition 2

  • New lighting was installed in Baba’s House before the Anniversary. A lot of old unsightly wiring that had accumulated over the years has been replaced and hidden. Three large light shades now hang from the new roof which was completed last year.
  • Many thanks to our cleaners and carers of the accommodation. Presently:- Francis Cabin – Felix Schmid, Judith’s Cottage – Annette and Joe Harloff, Pilgrim Quarters - Glenda and David Hobson
  • Gusi's meals continue to be great successes, contributing to the increased sense of community and activity on the Abode. A meal was made available to the workers for the Anniversary spring cleaning day – the car count was more than thirty on that day!
  • The Anniversary was very successful, with many Baba filled occasions. Our guest speakers Meherwan and Zenobia were the highlight, sharing very intimate stories of being with Baba. Espresso coffee and donated cakes raised almost $600 for the next Youth Sahavas.
  • A family of four from Bangalore who have just recently heard of Meher Baba made their first visit to Avatar’s Abode. They wrote “We thank all the wonderful Baba Lovers that along with Baba that made our stay at Avatar’s Abode both unforgettable and a life changing experience”.
  • Baba’s House and Meeting Hall were opened on Silence Day from 8am - 4pm. It was a lovely day with Baba videos played during these hours and at 10am Glenda Hobson provided morning tea and delicious snacks.

Friends of Avatar's Abode – Jai Baba!
19 July 2013





What has been happening on Avatar’s Abode – Edition 1

  • Avatar’s Abode secured a contract last June with the electricity provider to feed electricity back into the grid. Donors have funded a 5 kW solar system that was installed this week. This will considerably reduce recurring annual expenses.
  • A Building Maintenance Work Group was established earlier this year. The Workgroup is headed by Greg Rimmelzwaan with Jethro Higgins, Amir Naderi and Quentin Oakhill as members.
  • Also formed recently is a Buildings Grounds Work Group. It is headed by Felix Schmid and everyone is welcome to come and join the work sessions.
  • Gusi Carpenter is now catering for fortnightly community lunches at Avatar’s Abode. These have been well attended with lovely food and warm fellowship. Gusi’s Phone 0431 194 516
  • The Abode is green; the dam and drinking water tanks are full. Last year’s winter dry extended to the last week in January – the first time it has extended past the New Year.
  • The Trust now has a powerful 3 foot ride on slasher / mower – thanks to a specific purpose donation.
  • A severe wind event last Australia Day led to $8,000 damage to buildings – covered by insurance.

Friends of Avatar’s Abode – Jai Baba!
18 May 2013

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