Avatar's Abode Anniversary 2023

Thank you for taking the time to register your attendance for Avatar's Abode 2024 Anniversary. Your input will help us to better prepare for your arrival and participation. You will be assisting us with your anticipated schedule.

Jai Baba!

Anniversary Attendance Form

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To help determine kitchen requirements please indicate your meal needs. You will be able to prepay for your meals on arrival or purchase separately. Lunch and dinner, $10 each - breakfast less. Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available.

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9th June
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Your Involvement

If you or anyone in your group would like to lend a hand, please enter your name(s), work-type preference, preferred times and/or days in the box below.

You may indicate your preferred volunteering space by ticking the appropriate checkbox:

Or contact Greg Rimmelzwaan, Anniversary Volunteer Coordinator, directly (seedcustomhomes@outlook.com, phone/text 0402676888)

Performance and Workshop Offers:

Please tick the appropriate box if you wish to make an offering. We will be in contact by email with an attached Performance/Workshop form to discuss your proposal.

Please make direct contact with Susan Jamison (suebjam77@gmail.com or phone/text 0466604684).

Please make direct contact with Susan Jamison (suebjam77@gmail.com or phone/text 0466604684).

Note: After morning and evening arati each day of the Anniversary anyone may present a short item (eg song or poem).
Avatar’s Abode Accommodations

As we have limited accommodations, during this Anniversary we will be providing dorm style shared accommodations in order to accommodate the maximum number of applicants, males and females in separate dormitories, prioritising long distance attendees.

In addition Avatar’s Abode Trust has given permission for limited camping on the Abode during the Anniversary in designated locations using your own equipment upon application and notification of approval.

Finally, you may also apply for a private family cabin, however please be aware that private accommodation availability will be dependent upon the number of dormitory applicants we may receive.

Our suggested accommodation donations during the Anniversary are: Dormitory Style - $20 per adult per night, Family Cabin (if available) - $320 for the weekend, Camping - $30 per tent for the weekend.

Applications will close on May 12th, you will be notified no later than May 19th concerning you application.

Please select your requested type of accommodation

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Thank you, you will be contacted by Avatar’s Abode Accommodations pilgrim@avatarsabode.com.au no later than May 19th.

Transport Pickups

Transport Contact: David Hobson: gd.hobson56@gmail.com or phone/text 0401 035 083.

Transport Details (if known at this stage):

Any Special Requirements