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Meher Baba's House at Avatar's Abode

Avatar’s Abode is a 99 acre property at Kiel Mountain on the Sunshine Coast hinterland where Avatar Meher Baba stayed in 1958.

Meher Baba himself named the property Avatar’s Abode during his stay here. He said that in time it would become a major site of world pilgrimage.

Followers of Meher Baba like to visit Avatar’s Abode, recognising the significance of his presence here. It is regarded by them as one of the most important spiritual places in the world today.

The property is held in perpetuity for the benefit of all who have an interest in him.

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Sunday Zoom Meetings

Irwin Luck, 3rd January 2021

About Meher Baba

Meher Baba in Zurich 1934

Meher Baba was born in 1894 into a Zoroastrian family in Pune India.

During his teens and twenties he came into contact with five spiritual masters from Hindu and Sufi Muslim traditions. Hazrat Babajan, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tajuddin Baba, Upasni Maharaj, and Narayan Maharaj came from long established spiritual lineages and they still today have large numbers of devotees in India and the rest of the world. Each of them came to recognise and proclaim Merwan as Avatar, meaning ‘descent of God into human form’.

When Merwan started to gather his own devotees, now generally known as ‘Baba Lovers’, they started to call him Meher Baba, meaning Compassionate Father.

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Visit Avatar's Abode

Avatar's Abode entrance

Day Visits and Overnight Stays

People interested in learning more about Avatar Meher Baba and his place are welcome to visit the property during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm.

Provided you have no flu-like symptoms you may visit Avatar’s Abode property, but please maintain at all times the recommended physical distancing of 1 – 2 metres.

There are toilets and tea/coffee making facilities but no food is available.

Apply to visit or stay at Avatar's Abode – phone (+61) 0437 511 362 or email pilgrim@avatarsabode.com.au or via this Booking Enquiries online form.

News & Events

Meher Baba

Spring Sahavas 2021
This year’s Spring Sahavas is on Queensland’s Queen’s Birthday long week-end – Saturday 2nd – Monday 4th October.


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Covid safety requirements:

As per current Queensland Government directives:

  • Check-in upon arrival each day
  • Wear a mask indoors until seated
  • Unless seated, masks are to be worn outdoors if unable to keep 1.5m apart (does not include members of your own household).

Avatar’s Abode Trust
Photographic Collection

Avatar's Abode Queensland Australia brochure

The Avatar's Abode Trust Photographic Collection includes photographs of Meher Baba and people and places associated with Him and His life.

It includes photographs taken of the preparation of the property for the visit of Avatar Meher Baba in June 1958, His four day visit and some images from anniversaries celebrated at Avatar’s Abode in the 1960s. The collection forms part of the Avatar's Abode Trust Archives.

Avatar's Abode 1958-2018 Booklet

Avatar's Abode 1958-2018 booklet

Click the image above to download a PDF of the 60th Anniversary booklet [12.2 MB]


Avatar's Abode Archives Tour

Avatar's Abode Archives video

Video by Francis Thompson. Length 40:56.
Click image to view video on YouTube.

Avatar's Abode Trust
Digital Archives

Avatar's Abode Trust Digital Archives

The Avatar’s Abode Trust Digital Archives contains documents from the Francis Brabazon collection and other collections in the Trust archives. It includes correspondence between Francis and Meher Baba and with other members of the mandali, talks, manuscripts, poems, ghazals, songs and working drafts by him. Some documents have been transcribed and are shown alongside the original in a searchable PDF format.

More digital documents will be added as cataloguing of the collection progresses


Avatar's Abode Brochure

Avatar's Abode Queensland Australia brochure

Click the image above to download a brochure about Avatar's Abode [PDF 7.1 MB]

Avatar's Abode Bookstore Contacts

Email: abodebookstore@gmail.com

Phone: Reg Love: 0421 853 716
John Parry: 0481 333 038

bookstore Avatar's Abode


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