“No sooner you begin to love those whom you cannot love, you begin to love Me as I should be loved.”  ~ Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Queensland

About the Avatar’s Abode Trust

The Avatar’s Abode Trust consists of up to twelve followers of Meher Baba who have been elected as directors. Directors are unpaid volunteers who work to uphold the objectives of the Trust Deed and the Trustee Company by making policy decisions within the scope of the objectives. Board meetings are held every second month.

The Avatar’s Abode Trust Deed contains all of the important objectives and goals for Avatar’s Abode. Avatars Abode Pty. Ltd is the Trustee Company which administers the Trust Deed. The Trustee Company has nine shares, which are held by long-term Baba lovers and are of one dollar value. They are not of any financial value to the holder and revert to the company when a shareholder dies or resigns.

The guidelines and rules of operation for Avatars Abode Pty Ltd are set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Since 2012 the Company has complied with the guidelines of the Australian Charities and Non-for-profit Commission (ACNC) where it is classified as a Religious Charity. The company operates within the framework of its Constitution and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC).

The Avatar’s Abode Trust sets the agenda for the various committees and sub-committees that organise pilgrim visits, events, building projects, archival work, as well as carrying out the day-to-day maintenance of the property and more. New faces are always welcome to join committees or volunteer in other capacities. You can find out more about service opportunities here.

All activities, development and maintenance of Avatar’s Abode is built with love gifts from the Meher Baba family and donations are always very much appreciated. You can find out more about helping to support Avatar’s Abode financially here.

The Avatar’s Abode Trust welcomes the input of our Baba family. Please contact us with your feedback and suggestions. 

History of the Avatar’s Abode Trust

During Meher Baba’s ministry His wishes were to create a series of Trusts to ensure the ongoing tenure and management of Meherabad, Meherazad, Meher Center and Avatar’s Abode. Francis Brabazon was instructed by Baba to transfer title of the property to Bill Le Page, who was to form a Trust, in time. Bill initially formed the Meher Baba Foundation and through the Foundation initiated development of extra infrastructure, beginning in 1979.

In the early 1980s a number of Australian Meher Baba lovers began working on the formation of a new Trust Deed for Avatar’s Abode. They consulted with Baba’s Mandali, who gave significant input into the content and wording of the Deed from the perspective of what Beloved Baba would want. Bhau Kalchuri provided additional input from the legal perspective, drawing on his experience in the formation of Baba’s Trust in India. The wording of the Trust Deed is a reflection of a vision for the ongoing security and purpose of Avatar’s Abode, as expressed by Bill Le Page and Francis Brabazon.

In February 1983 the proposed Trust Deed and associated Company details were taken to the Mandali at Meherazad. In accordance with Beloved Baba’s wish the Deed appointed Bill Le Page as Chairman and Eruch Jessawala chose and nominated the names of nine shareholder/directors.

In April of 1984, after further consultation with the Mandali, extensive work with solicitors and advice from a Queens Counsellor to make sure it complied with Australian law, the Trust Deed and Company structure required to administer the new Trust were signed, signifying the commencement of the Avatar’s Abode Trust.

Present Avatar’s Abode Trustees

Meherose Borthwick, Denis Carmody, Jaya Foley, David Hobson, Sue Jamison, Delia Kennedy, Mehera Moroney, Greg Rimmelzwaan (as at 21 January 2023).