Avatar’s Abode’s Natural Environment

Avatar’s Abode is a 99 acre property of great natural beauty. It has a panoramic view of the ocean to the east and over valleys, farmlands and rolling blue hills to the west. The moderate, subtropical climate favours lush plant growth. There are cleared grassy areas and flower gardens around and near Baba’s House, the lovely old frangipani tree being a particular landmark.

Along walks below Baba’s House there are tall eucalypts; at a further distance there are groves of casuarina, and in the creek gullies rainforest plants predominate. A perimeter track takes you all the way around the property with seating available in a number of tranquil spots.

The property is the home of hundreds of species of Australian plants and much of Avatar’s Abode remains natural bushland. It is the habitat of many native birdas and animals including wallabies, kookaburras, lorikeets, magpies, koalas and bush turkeys.

By Meher Baba’s wish, and in accordance with the Avatar’s Abode Trust Deed, Avatar’s Abode can never be sold, but must be kept as a place of pilgrimage, a priceless treasure for generations to come.

Avatar's Abode Queensland

Your destination is your own heart in which the Eternal Ancient One eternally lives, but because Avatar Meher Baba the all-loving one stayed here, the perfume of his love may refresh and strengthen you on the way to his feet.” – Francis Brabazon

BANNER IMAGE: View to the coast from Avatar’s Abode. Photo by Ujwala Agawane.