Celebrating Baba’s Visit in 1958

April 12, 1958: Meher Baba sent the following to those attending His Sahavas at the Meher Center and Avatar’s Abode …

“I am coming to America and Australia solely to give My Sahavas to My lovers, and I want each of you to come with the longing to receive just that. I want this Sahavas to be above all a close companionship between your Beloved and His lovers; and if you wish to maintain this unique relationship, then do not come with questions or the desire to seek discourses and explanations. Come with the preparedness to receive fully whatever I may give you, with the thought of being completely resigned to My Will …”

John Grant – Practical Spirituality with Meher Baba – pg. 91

The Anniversary of Meher Baba’s visit to His Abode in Australia on the 3rd to 6th June 1958, is celebrated each year over four days on the weekend preceding the second Monday of June.

It is a special time for all Australian Baba lovers, enhanced when the time is shared with Baba lovers from the international community. This anniversary is marked with performances of song, dance, poetry, plays, art and conversation. In 2020 online virtual elements were introduced so that we may continue to share entertainment for The Beloved with our friends worldwide.

In 1961, Francis Brabazon asked us to remember Baba’s stay in 1958, and His continuing presence, by performing songs dances and plays – to entertain Baba by clothing our praise of His beauty, and our attention to His truth, in beautiful form.

One reason for this way of remembering was because, as Francis once wrote, “Baba loves nothing better than good singing or dancing or a play … to lighten His burden.” Another reason is that Art conveys the message more effectively, because of the warmth of form, than the cold dryness of abstract thought. Francis’ contribution to that year was four songs that Baba had asked Francis to write. Remembrance as entertainment has been a keynote at Avatar’s Abode ever since.”

– Robert Rouse

2024 Anniversary

Friday June 7th – 11:30 am
Flag Raising
Monday June 10th – 2:30pm
Flag Lowering

A four-day celebration of Meher Baba’s visit to His Australian Abode in June 1958

For the Program PDF, the Flag Raising Live Streaming link, and other important info, see the June Anniversary Sahavas event notice.

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The Anniversary, June 2022

Anniversary June 2022 photos by Jeanette Young and Mehera Moroney.

Avatar's Abode Queensland

“Do your best – then don’t worry! Be happy in My Love.”  ~ Meher Baba