“Do not search for God outside of you; God can only be found within you, for His only abode is the heart.”  ~ Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Queensland

Avatar’s Abode is a place of retreat where followers of Meher Baba, and those who wish to know more about him, can spend time in quiet contemplation or gather together with others to talk of him. The heart of the property is Baba’s House, especially the room where he stayed, which is imbued with the fragrance of Meher Baba’s presence. Opposite Baba’s House is the Meeting Hall, where his devotees gathered during Meher Baba’s visit in 1958 to meet with him.

Around these special buildings are gardens, forest walks, a library, a reception building, a kitchen, performance hall and a bookstore. There are pilgrim accommodations available on the property for followers of Meher Baba and those who sincerely wish to find out more about him. There are also several private residences where long-time followers who met Meher Baba reside. Although the property is quiet much of the time, volunteers are at work on the property most days and meetings and events are held there throughout the year. Most notable amongst these is the annual Anniversary event, held each June, which celebrates Meher Baba’s visit in 1958.

Baba’s House, the Meeting Hall and Avatar’s Abode. Photos © Jim Frisino.

Plaque this property is held in perpetuity for Avatar Meher Baba
Photo © Bernard Bruford.