“I am nearer to you than your own breath. Remember Me and I am with you, and My Love will guide you.”  ~ Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Queensland

The Avatar’s Abode Trust Archives safeguard and preserve for posterity the precious articles and the archival records of Avatar Meher Baba’s life and advent, especially His visit to Avatar’s Abode in 1958, and shares these irreplaceable links to His human form with contemporary and future humanity.

Items in the collection may be made available to followers of Meher Baba, as well as scholars, researchers, and the general public. Where items have been digitised, access may be provided to image reproductions of written materials, photographs, images of Baba’s belongings, audio, film and video clips.

Although copyright on some collection items is owned by the Avatar’s Abode Trust, others may also be owned by individuals and entities other than, and in addition to the Trust. This is particularly the case in correspondence and other written materials which were sent or given to Meher Baba, His mandali and in particular to Francis Brabazon as the copyrights for those may be held by the authors or their heirs.

All of the images presented on the Archives section of the Avatar’s Abode Trust website are compressed jpegs which have sufficient resolution for computer monitor viewing, but not for any other purposes. This also applies to the PDF format offered for download. Although you may wish to print some images for home use, please keep in mind that the resolution is not sufficient for fine printing and should not be reproduced for distribution or publication. The Avatar’s Abode Trust Archives Committee is endeavouring to make these materials available as quickly as possible, but as time and human resources are limited, it is not currently possible for higher resolution versions to be made available. We request the cooperation of all who view and use these materials, to understand these limitations.

Archival materials on the Avatar’s Abode Trust website have been made available for personal research, teaching, and private study in keeping with the principle of Fair Use. The responsible use of the materials is welcomed, bearing in mind and guided by the care and reverence that the mandali (Baba’s close disciples ) have had for everything and anything pertaining to Him, which is the spirit in which the archival items are made available.

Those who avail themselves of these materials must be mindful of the limitations on their use. Some of these limitations derive from copyright law. Baba himself placed great emphasis on the importance of copyright, and the provisions he made in his Last Will and Testament regarding copyright were detailed and definitive.

It is the responsibility of the user to establish who the copyright holder is for any given item and to seek the necessary permission for its use. In any situation where the materials will be accessed by others, proper attribution of the source needs to be provided.

Further information on the copyright of published works of Francis Brabazon may be found in the downloadable Copyright Licence Application and Intellectual Property Policy located at https://avatarsabode.com.au/babas-poet/

If you have any questions about copyright, fair use, how to identify or contact copyright holders, or related matters, email the Archive Committee at archives@avatarsabode.com.au.