“I am the Ancient One, the One residing in every heart. I am the One whom so many seek and so few find. Love me above everything and you shall find me as I really am.”  ~ Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Queensland

The Francis Brabazon Library is situated in the Reception Centre at the Abode. It is a lending library where all books except frail or rare ones can be borrowed. They can also be browsed and consulted.

The library was founded on books bequeathed by Francis Brabazon. As his book Stay with God demonstrates Francis received from Meher Baba a global view of religion and culture which was centered on the idea of great spiritual traditions springing from divine teachers like Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed and from Baba himself.

As well as books by and about Meher Baba, the library has important and extensive collections on Vedantic and Tantric Hinduism and Indian culture as well as a remarkable collection of texts on Buddhism, particularly the Buddhism of the Far East and on Taoism. In addition, there are many volumes on the Church Fathers and on the mystical and esoteric side of Christianity, and on many traditional Islamic authors. There is also a fine collection of a number of translations of Plato and other classical philosophers and many works of literature including various translations of Homer. Other areas include art history, music, modern studies on philosophy, psychology, comparative religion and anthropology.

It embodies a vision of a universal renaissance inaugurated by Meher Baba’s advent.

To use the library or for erudite advice, contact the Librarian Geoff Gunther: 07-54422467 or tiangeof@gmail.com