“I may give you more, much more than you expect — or maybe nothing, and that nothing may prove to be everything. So I say, come with open hearts to receive much or nothing from your Divine Beloved.”~ Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Queensland

Pilgrim Stays

Avatar’s Abode is a place of pilgrimage dedicated to Meher Baba. Followers of Meher Baba and those who wish to learn more about him are welcome to stay in the property’s pilgrim accommodation for short stays upon application. First time visitors are not expected to have a thorough knowledge of Meher Baba’s life and work. However, we require those who apply to stay on the property to have some knowledge of Meher Baba and a genuine interest in learning more. Australian visitors are asked to make at least one day visit including an introductory tour to Avatar’s Abode before applying for pilgrim accommodation.

Staying at Avatar’s Abode allows time for quiet contemplation and spiritual renewal, as well as opportunities to learn more about Meher Baba’s life and message. Activities during your stay may include visits to the special buildings associated with his visit in 1958: Baba’s House and The Meeting Hall; conversations with long-time Meher Baba followers; bushland walks around the property and regular events such as film nights and Arti (prayers).

Some of the costs associated with providing pilgrim accommodation are covered by donation. You can find the suggested donation amounts for each form of accommodation detailed below.

  • Please make your accommodation request at least 72 hours in advance to allow time for confirmation.
  • New arrivals are only accepted between 9am-6:30pm, unless by prior arrangement

For further information about accommodations, accessibility/disability, transport to and from Avatar’s Abode, or anything else, please contact Pilgrim Enquiries (+61) 0437 511 362 or pilgrim@avatarsabode.com.au.

The Original Farmhouse

As the name suggests, this building was the original farmhouse when the property was purchased by Francis Brabazon in 1958. It was previously situated near the current location of Baba’s House but was relocated down the hill to the North East of the property. The Rouse family lived there, as per Meher Baba’s instructions, until the passing of Robert Rouse. The building has recently undergone an extensive renovation and has been decorated with some of Robert Rouse’s artworks.

  • Sleeps 6 pilgrims
    • bedroom 1 and 2 – two single beds each
    • bedroom 3 – a single bed plus a roll-out trundle bed
  • Fully renovated kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry facilities
  • Steep incline to reach on foot and stairs. May not be suitable for those with mobility issues
  • No wheelchair access
  • 2 night minimum stay

Accommodation donation: The Farmhouse (suitable for larger groups) is $90 per night and requires a minimum of two guests and two nights per booking.

Francis’ Cabin

This simple, 2 bedroom cabin is located near the main entrance to Avatar’s Abode. It was built in 1979 by local builder Owen Jensen for Baba’s Poet, Francis Brabazon. The cabin was also used by Reg Paffle, a long-time Baba-lover and resident at Avatar’s Abode, after Francis passed away.

  • Sleeps 4 pilgrims
    • bedroom 1 – three single beds
    • bedroom 2 – a single bed
  • Full kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry facilities
  • Open verandah

Accommodation donation: $50 per night single occupancy and $80 per night for two or more.

Judith’s Cottage

Judith’s Cottage is a small, 2 bedroom house located just behind the Original Farmhouse. Judith Garbett loved her little cottage and garden. The cottage has recently had a simple makeover but still includes many of the original furnishings and is a lovely, restful space with a beautiful view.

  • Sleeps up to 6 pilgrims
    • bedroom 1 – two single beds
    • bedroom 2 – two single bunk beds
    • double fold out lounge in living room
  • Full kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry facilities

Accommodation donation: $50 per night single occupancy and $80 per night for two or more.

Judith's Cottage. Photo by Davina Bambrick
Judith's Cottage. Photo by Davina Bambrick.

The Pilgrims Quarters (PQ)

This dormitory style accommodation is located close to the centre of the property. It has 3 bedrooms with flexible sleeping combinations available.

  • Share accommodation
  • Comfortably Sleeps 6 pilgrims
    • bedroom 1 – three single beds
    • bedroom 2 – two single beds
    • bedroom 3 – one single bed
  • Full kitchen
  • Shared bathroom and living area
  • Laundry facilities available nearby

Accommodation donation: $30 per night per person. Please note this option is a shared accommodation space.

Pilgrims Quarters Avatar's Abode
Pilgrims Quarters.

We rely upon donations to offset the running costs of accommodation and contributions are much appreciated. Once your booking is confirmed, the suggested amounts for staying can be found on the accommodation details.

BANNER IMAGE: Judith’s Cottage at Avatar’s Abode. Photo by Davina Bambrick.