People visit Baba’s House and the other sites to learn more about Meher Baba or to experience the atmosphere of these special places for themselves. Thus most of the time Avatar’s Abode is a place of quiet contemplation.

However, Avatar’s Abode also serves as the main Australian venue for periodic gatherings marking events in the life of Meher Baba, such as the annual Anniversary of his visit, held in early June. At such times, followers and also the wider community come together to enjoy talks, films, entertainment, art, sports and meals loosely structured around themes from his life and message.

Surrounding the Baba Square are extensive bushland areas, forest walks and gardens, structures used for performances, dining, cooking and reception, and an extensive archives library. The property also provides some bunk and family (cabin) accommodation for persons interested in or committed to Meher Baba.

Baba's Room

Meher Baba's Room at Avatar's Abode

PHOTO: Baba's Room at Avatar's Abode

The heart of Avatar's Abode is the beautiful timber room known as Baba's Room.

It is simply furnished with items used by Meher Baba during His stay in June 1958 - a bed with pillows and bedding, two chairs, a rustic table, and floor mat.

A photograph of Baba is above the entry outside the room and another is above the door inside the room.

Both were brought by Baba to Avatar's Abode from India and He was most particular about where and how they should be placed.

On the bed is a small glass and timber case which contains a pair of Meher Baba's sandals.

The room is open to pilgrims. It is here that Beloved Baba's presence is felt most strongly.

The Francis Brabazon Library

the Reception Centre and Francis Brabazon Library at Avatar's Abode

PHOTO: The Reception Centre and Francis Brabazon Library, Avatar's Abode

When you follow the winding track into Avatar’s Abode the first building you come to is the Reception Centre and Francis Brabazon Library.

Nestled next to a large Bodhi Tree and looking out on a green slope of lawn the Francis Brabazon Library provides a quiet retreat as well as a place where you can borrow books. Comfortable chairs and large writing tables invite reading and note taking and calm reflection.

Inside the library are several thousand volumes from the great religious traditions of the world, with sections on Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism. Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. In addition there is a thorough selection of books by and about Meher Baba plus extensive sections on classical learning, philosophy, psychology, history, world literature, nature and art.

The Francis Brabazon Library is open on select days and all are welcome. To check opening times phone Geoff Gunther on (+61 7) 5442 2467.

The Francis Brabazon library is an educational tool for those seeking enduring wisdom.

Avatar's Abode Bookstore

A wonderful collection of books as well as some DVDs, CDs, posters and photographs etc. is available at the Bookstore.
Phone contacts – mobiles: Reg Love 0421 853 716 or John Parry 0481 333 038.

Where is Avatar's Abode?

Avatar’s Abode lies 100 kilometres north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The property occupies the summit of Keil Mountain – a hill directly east of the town of Woombye. The property lies at the end of Meher Road, off Keil Mountain Road. The district is the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast: a popular resort area, renowned for its sub-tropical rainforests, surf beaches and rolling countryside.

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Avatar's Abode 1958-2018 Booklet

Avatar's Abode 1958-2018 booklet

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Avatar Meher Baba

Avatar Meher Baba

Avatar's Abode Brochure

Avatar's Abode brochure

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Avatar Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode, June 1958

Avatar Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode, June 1958.