54th Amartithi Sunday Program


January 29, 2023    
9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Avatar's Abode Baba's House
48 Meher Road, Kiels Mountain, QLD, 4559

Event Type

Avatar Meher Baba dropped His physical form on 31st January 1969.

9am — Arti in Baba’s Room.
10am — Coffee in the Kitchen.
11am — Program in Baba’s House will be opened by Bernard Bruford showing a series of photos of past Amartithi times in Meherabad with explanations of when and where they were taken, to begin a sharing of Amartithi memories from any who would like to participate.
12pm — BYO food for lunch in the Kitchen.

Coordinators George McGahey, Lorraine Brown