Avatar Meher Baba Trust Master Plan Engagement Opportunity Meeting


Saturday 5th October 2019

Shridhar Kelkar, Chairman Avatar Meher Baba PPCT, announced on March 18, 2019 (https://www.ambppct.org/masterPlanS.php) that a Master Plan has been drafted to guide the long-term development of Meherabad, Meherazad and Meher Nazar.

Knowing that the future of these sacred sites is of immense interest and importance to Baba’s lovers, the Trust is planning to engage with the Baba family worldwide in an effort to share a summary of the draft master plan, and to get feedback that will be considered as the plan is finalized over the coming year.

The first of these overseas Master Plan Engagement Opportunity meetings will be in the U.S. in July and September.

The Australian meeting will take place at Avatar’s Abode on Saturday 5th October 2019 and will be facilitated, on behalf of the Indian Trust, by Merwan Dubash and Daniel Stone.

All Baba’s Australian lovers are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Date: Saturday 5th October 2019

Time: 9 am 11:30 am Morning Session
Lunch 12 noon 1:15 pm (Note: a vegetarian lunch will be available for $8)
1:30 4 pm Afternoon Session

Location: Avatar’s Abode, 48 Meher Road, Kiels Mountain, Queensland 4559, Australia

Contact: David Bowling
Email: david.bowling@westnet.com.au
Phone: 0414 739 640

Note: The Avatar’s Abode Spring Sahavas will be held on the Sunday and Monday of this long weekend.

Spring Sahavas

Sunday 6th & Monday 7th October 2019

Merwan Dubash and Daniel Stone, who will facilitate the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Master Plan Engagement Opportunity meeting, have very kindly agreed to give presentations at the Spring Sahavas. 

Merwan Dubash

PHOTO: Merwan Dubash

Merwan Dubash Talks

Merwan will give three one-hour talks related to his and his parents’ (Rhoda and Adi) experiences with Baba. In Merwan’s words, “these will all be stories about being with Baba, and as my Dad Adi used to say ‘with zero intellectual content’”.

Merwan is the son of Rhoda and Adi Dubash. Rhoda and Adi were born in Karachi and while Adi and his mother believed in Baba, Rhoda accepted the common-held belief amongst the Karachi Parsi community of the time that Baba was a fraud. In spite of this, Rhoda loved Adi intensely and decided to marry him, while at the same time holding on to the belief that, after their marriage, she could steer him away from Baba. In December 1945, a few months after Rhoda and Adi’s wedding, Rhoda had the opportunity to meet Baba at Ahmednagar, the effect of which was a dramatic change in Rhoda, who found on her return to Karachi, that all her previous antagonism towards Baba had vanished and had been replaced by a growing interest in and love for Him. However it took seven more years before she knew with absolute certainty that Baba was God, the personification of truth and beauty.

Merwan’s first “meeting” with Baba was as a nineteen month old infant in 1948. When crawling around on the floor in front of Baba, Merwan suddenly sat up, and looking straight at Baba shouted, “Baba!” On His alphabet board Baba spelled out, “Out of the many on the waiting list, I have selected him …. “.

As a child in the 1950s Merwan again had two brief opportunities to be in Baba’s presence, and then as a teenager in the 1960s he had three lengthy stays with Baba during Baba’s summer stays at Guruprasad in Pune. This is also when Merwan first met Baba’s twins nephews Rustom and Sohrab Irani, and Meherwan Mistry. The four of them used to create quite a racket at Guruprasad, so much so that Baba directed them to maintain silence between twelve and two so as not to disturb His mandali Pendu’s afternoon nap.

Daniel Stone

PHOTO: Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone Presentations

Daniel will give two presentations, one centred around his own coming-to-Baba story which links into the creation of the Meher Baba group in Washington, under the watchful eye of Kitty Davy; and the other, "Creating Real Harmony", which came out of experiences working with different Baba groups around the US, trying to map out the natural stages that Baba groups go through as they mature.

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