Silence Day 2018

Meher Baba’s House will be open on Silence Day, Tuesday 10th July and attended by Baba lovers from 8am to 4pm. 

Avatar’s Abode 60th Anniversary 2018

The 60th Anniversary of Beloved Baba's four day stay at Avatar's Abode in 1958 was celebrated over seven days from Tuesday 5th till Monday 11th June 2018.

Our Guests: This year we were most fortunate to have as our special overseas guests Peter and Debbie Nordeen.

Bill Le Page gave several talks about his experiences of being with Beloved Meher Baba.

Some of our other overseas performer / presenters this year were Jim Meyer, Ward Parks, Raine Eastman-Gannett, Sue Jamieson and Shridhar Kelkar (Chairman AMBPPCT). A special video presentation was presented by Sufism Reoriented featuring a musical performance based on Francis Brabazon in America.

Naturally there were also presenter / performers from the Abode, Brisbane and Sydney as well as additional Aussie talent from around the country. All of whom, along with our visiting international talent, generously offered their gifts for the Beloved’s pleasure and ours.

Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode 1958

PHOTO: Avatar Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode, June 1958.

There are wonderful photos and videos of the 60th Anniversary on Facebook at » Avatar's Abode 60th Anniversary » so have a look and enjoy!

Regular Activities on Avatar's Abode

Sunday morning Arti held at 9 am in Baba's House, followed by coffee and tea served in the kitchen from 9.30 am.

Monday Gathering

10.00 am every Monday

Readings, discussions and Baba stories and games at the Meeting Hall.

Lorraine Brown 5446 8005

Wednesday Book Reading

4:30 - 5:30 pm every Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon book reading meeting – an informal reading and discussion of Meher Baba's message at the Bookstore.

Saturday Film Nights

1st Saturday night of each month, 7.00 pm

Films of Meher Baba and other classics in Baba’s House.

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David Hobson 5442 1220

Baba’s House Flowers

Tuesday and Saturday Mornings – Twice weekly

You are invited to decorate Baba’s Room with roses – contact Maria for payment and roster details.

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Caring for Avatar's Abode

Working on Avatar’s Abode

Volunteers able to assist please contact:
For Grounds: Felix Schmid 5442 2570 / 0402 735 625 or Bernard Bruford 5442 1487
For Buildings maintenance: Greg Rimmelzwaan 0402 676 888

Anniversary Committee

Meetings held regularly in Library through to June. All welcome to join in the planning and organising. Minutes kept in Reception Centre for all to read. Plenty to do and fun doing it!
Joint Chair 2015: Bernard Bruford 5442 1487 and Denis Carmody 0415 313 471

Avatar’s Abode Trust

Meeting of Directors at 10:30am on the 3rd Saturday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Management Committee

Meetings at 9am on the 3rd Saturday of every month. The Trust Management Committee meets monthly to maintain the property.

Baba’s House Care Group

Meeting dates are advised by email. This group looks after Baba’s Room, Baba’s House and His belongings. The Baba community is encouraged to assist the Baba's House Care Group.
Contact: David Hobson 5442 1220