Can anybody visit Avatar's Abode?

Day visits

Yes, people interested in learning more about Avatar Meher Baba and His place are welcome to visit the property during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm.

There are toilets and tea/coffee making facilities but no food is available.

To arrange your day visit please telephone:

  • Bill Le Page (+61 7) 5442 1248 or 0448 771 007, or Ros or Roy Hayes (+61 7) 5442 1544, or Bernard Bruford (+61 7) 5442 1487.

Can anybody stay in the pilgrim accommodation on Avatar's Abode?

Staying on Avatar's Abode

It is essential that persons who stay on Avatar’s Abode have a genuine interest in Meher Baba or wish to learn more about Him.

Australian visitors are required to have visited the property as a day visitor before staying on the property.

Ring Ros or Roy Hayes on (+61 7) 5442 1544 or write care of 19 Meher Road, Woombye 4559, Australia.
Fax (+61 7) 5442 1700.
If unable to contact Ros or Roy, phone Bernard Bruford (+61 7) 5442 1487.

  • Email - please use the form on our Contact page.
  • Please make your request at least 72 hours in advance to allow time for confirmation. Some days it can take up to 24 hours for messages and emails to be received and attended to.


The maximum stay is two weeks.

Can anybody volunteer to do work on Avatar's Abode?

Yes, anyone who is willing to give freely of their time. However voluntary work needs to be coordinated in order to make it pleasant and fulfilling and many hands can work together in accordance to achieve one goal.
See 'Caring for Avatar's Abode' on the Events page for more details.

Can anyone attend events at Avatar's Abode?

Yes, anyone who is sincerely interested in Meher Baba and in spirituality can attend events on Avatar's Abode.

What do people say about Avatar's Abode?

"Avatar’s Abode means home - a home for my heart till one day my heart becomes a fit Abode for the Avatar, with all the strangers, the desires for trinkets and toys, faded and consumed by the Real Desire to please our Beloved Lord."


"For me, Avatar's Abode is Australia's true centre and my only real home. Baba seems to inhabit every insect and blade of grass there, and fills you with peace and love each visit."


"Every single time I cross the entrance threshold of Avatars Abode, I feel a shift in my energy and the outer world fall away. The very first time I visited it felt like some aspect of my ego-personality died forever, the exact moment I entered the gates."


"... Now when I look back, it is Baba who has kept taking care of me, protecting me, and guiding my way to Him. I was found and reached finally. Baba has kept knocking on my door till I experienced my own experience to open to Love and to realize that the invisible power does exist.

Step by step, I started my inner journey toward Love…till I reach Meher Baba in Australia. Here in Avatar's Abode, I can feel Baba's Divine Love through every Baba lover, warm and gentle. LOVE is flowing around and nourishing me every minute. And Baba is doing cleansing on me. I should say, Baba never stopped working on me and on us all with His Divine Love ..."


"... As we spoke in front of Baba's room open doorway a flood of energy came rolling over us, palpable as waves at the beach but hot. He was staring in to Baba's room and asked would he like to go in. He replied “Oh yes please!” and when I walked back to my wife she said “What’s wrong with your face? One side of it is all bright red like sun burn!” ..."


Is this a sect or religion?

No, it is a spiritual conviction.

How little to donate?

Time or money.

What is the Youth Sahavas?

The Youth Sahavas is a unique opportunity for youth to deepen their spiritual lives and their relationship with the Self within every self in the tranquil atmosphere of Avatar’s Abode.


Attendees enjoy the lush bushland setting of Avatar’s Abode while staying in cabins over the course of a week.


Activities are organised by the adult staff and professionals and involve a range of bonding games, music, dance, sport, discussion groups, talent nights, and film workshops that are very inspiring for youth, providing a way for youngsters to grow their own sense of Self and explore some of their own questions in their search for Truth.


Attendees are between the ages of 12 and 18 and staff are 18 years and older. Anyone wishing to attend or simply learn more about the Youth Sahavas is most welcome to contact one of the event coordinators.

What does the word Sahavas mean?

Sahavas is a Sanskrit word with many hues of meaning that hinge around the idea of sharing the company of the Self-realised Master.

What is a Baba lover?

I thought of writing on this topic myself, but then I realized, who can say it better than Allan Cohen? So with the permission of the author and copyright holder, here is an excerpt from the out-of-print book The Mastery of Consciousness by Allan Y. Cohen, pp. 152-154. Copyright © 1997 Ira G. Deitrick.


It is very difficult to define a Baba-lover. There are no formal or external criteria for followers of Meher Baba, no ceremonial initiation, no fee to be paid, nothing to sign, no membership cards to receive. No formal vows are taken to join the Baba family. No rituals, customs, or dress is required of a Baba-lover. There are no mandatory readings, meditations, or meetings. There is no required formal preparation, nor are there "tests" for membership. Nothing in a person's past necessarily disqualifies him or her from being regarded as a Baba-lover.


As for internal criteria, some might argue that only a handful of real Baba-lovers love and obey him as he should be loved and obeyed. Others might contend that thousands of sincere, selfless, God-loving individuals who never heard of Meher Baba are more truly Baba-lovers than some self-proclaimed followers. Both statements are probably equally valid. But let us focus on those who consciously aspire to some relationship with Meher Baba. Perhaps the most that can be said is that such Baba-lovers exist along a continuum based on the quality of their love, obedience, and commitment to Meher Baba as their Master and Guide. Possibly the true mark of a Baba-lover is the quality of his life, will, and heart. Even so, these inner qualities do not confer external status, for Baba discouraged his lovers from judging and criticizing each other.


Those who have tried to dedicate their lives to Meher Baba constitute a tremendous variety in race, religious background, nationality, age, educational background, and personality type. Some would be called eccentric; others would be seen as ordinary people. Baba never quashed variation in personal expression; rather, he stressed the increasing consciousness of unity.


Undoubtedly, there are sincere devotees of Baba who would grate on the reader's nerves, and others who provoke justifiable criticism. But all seekers have problems with their ego, Baba-lovers being no exception, and Baba specializes in bringing weaknesses to the surface. Recalling his statement that one of his primary tasks is to "improve the vicious," we must also allow for the additional possibility that Baba might draw to him souls considered somewhat unsavory by other teachers. Although a new follower of Baba can generally expect Baba-lovers to exhibit spiritual growth, absence of saintliness does not invalidate Baba's method. As a Master, Baba was more concerned about his disciples' working to slay their personal ego than with building their public image.


Baba often explained to his disciples that he guided them through the involution of consciousness "blindfolded," veiled from the experience of higher planes of consciousness. Probably even those closest lovers destined for quick God-realization experience themselves as merely human. Yet they and many other Baba followers are such jewels of Baba's love that their very contact is inspiring. A great number of seekers have been drawn to Baba's path by a certain magnetic quality in his devotees.


Perhaps most agonizing to the Baba family are spiritual pretenders, persons who declare themselves as Baba-lovers but who live in blatant disregard of his message, making no attempt to transcend their hypocrisy. Although Baba said he loves all souls equally despite their failing, new aspirants should emulate the gems rather than the hypocrites on their Avataric journey.