As time passes, the operating expenses for Avatar’s Abode grow. This is a natural consequence of rising utility costs and insurance costs, increased maintenance costs as buildings and infrastructure age, rising material, labour and fuel costs.

Fortunately, the basic needs of Avatar’s Abode have always been met. However, for this to continue, and especially for new projects and development to take place, there is a constant need for funds. Regular general donations generally approach $16,000 a year. Gratefully, in many years, there have been very significant one off donations and bequests. The necessary fixed and operating expenses associated with the Abode are approximately $25,000 a year, and it would be very difficult to reduce this cost. In 2011 the June Anniversary returned a surplus although some years it is a drain on funds. In contrast, this last year is the first time Meher Baba Australia newsletter donations did not cover the cost of production.

If you are able and willing to assist financially please download the supporters donation form and note the following details:

  • For those with credit cards who would care to become regular donors, an option is to give the Trust authority to debit their card at set intervals for a fixed amount. No amount is too small for these regular donations. This authority can be cancelled or altered at any time by contacting either of the Trust Treasurers Bernard Bruford or Liz Gaskin.
  • Please make any Cheques or Money Orders payable to Avatar's Abode Pty Ltd Friends Account
  • If making a deposit at a bank or via the internet please fill in the Reference section with a name so that the donor can be known and a receipt issued.

Download Supporters Donation Form

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Donations via PayPal now available

Please visit our Make a Donation page to make a donation via PayPal or EFT

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You can use your credit card to make a donation to Avatar's Abode if you do not have a PayPal account.

There are 3 separate donation buttons on our Make a Donation page. Each donation button links to a specific purpose — Friends of Avatar's Abode (for General Donations to the Avatar's Abode Trust), or Anniversary attendance, or Meher Baba Australia newsletter subscription.

Please be sure to choose the correct donation button for the purpose you intend for your donation.


Treasurer Contact Details

Bernard +61 7 5442 1487