What Has Been Happening On Avatar’s Abode – Edition 5

  • Our guest speaker for the 53rd Anniversary of Meher Baba’s visit to His abode was Meherwan Merchant who told us wonderful intimate stories of his life and times with Meher Baba and some of His close disciples. Caris Arkin was our invited guest musician who entertained us with his rousing Baba music and songs.
  • The new kitchen building is getting plenty of use on a regular basis, with a wonderful feeling at the Sunday community coffee mornings coordinated by Kaelin – excellent coffee, cake, music and companions. Delicious fortnightly lunches have continued, which Gusi has put on while she is in Australia, also giving the same sense of being together in His warm presence. The tone of the event is set by starting with the Australian Arti
  • Bill and Diana Le Page have just returned from the USA after visiting and giving talks at Myrtle Beach and Meher Mount. Their presence has been missed; they welcome many guests when they are at the Abode.
  • Windows on the eastern wall and foyer of Baba’s House have been replaced. These have increased the security and functionality of the ageing windows. Apart from looking much better the new windows are of a higher quality, with thicker glass and more durable frames, and are more extreme weather-proof. A generous donor financed this upgrade.
  • Paved pathways in the area of Baba's House and the Meeting Hall have been replaced by professionally laid pavers, very much adding to the appearance and safety of the area. The path beside Baba’s House has been re-laid and widened allowing better access.
  • Two new Tasmanian Oak chairs have been donated for Baba’s House. Previously four cane club chairs were placed in Baba’s House. Also in Baba’s House, three new simple and tasteful suspended ceiling lights have been installed. This was the final touch to the re-roofing and internal painting project reported previously.
  • The grounds work group recently thinned vegetation in the gardens bordering Baba’s Square. Regular maintenance in this area is ongoing.
  • The circuit track from the Abode's entrance clockwise to below the Reception Centre has been significantly upgraded with many drains and road base where necessary. This allows easy 4WD access including fire trucks and is now a pleasant walk without hazardous sections.
  • The circuit track upgrade allowed the Kiel Mountain Bush Fire Brigade to conduct two hazard reduction burns below the Trust's four buildings on the northern side of the Abode. Fifteen volunteers from three brigades used the burn offs as a training exercise. After inspecting our preparations, the Brigade's training officer said it would be ideal for training exercises. The ongoing support from the brigades is very significant for the Trust and greatly reduces the fire threat with the Abode on a hill top surrounded on three sides by extensive and often very dry vegetation.
  • Avatar's Abode's electricity poles, mostly installed in 1959, have now all been replaced. Our electricity supplier only maintains the lines to the Bruford and LePage residences. The Trust maintains all other power distribution around the property with the responsibility for poles, wires and tree trimming which remains an ongoing job.
  • As a safety measure 30 white road marker posts have been placed round roads and tracks.
  • Our librarian, Geoff Gunther, purchases two copies of new books that deal with Baba or experience of Baba. One copy is put in the library for borrowing and one goes into the archives to be preserved in a climate controlled environment.
  • The archives room adjacent to the library holds a wide variety of material including the comprehensive archival collection donated by Jim Migdoll, material from Francis Brabazon's estate plus other donations.
  • The library and much archive material have been catalogued digitally and there is an ongoing task of including the collection of letters, documents and pamphlets held by the Trust.

Friends of Avatar's Abode – Jai Baba!
3 October 2014


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