The present Avatar's Abode Trust was formed by a deed dated 29th April 1984. The significant aims of the deed are as follows:

a) To hold in perpetuity as a place of pilgrimage the property known as Avatar's Abode on the express wish of Avatar Meher Baba who stayed at Avatar's Abode on one of His world tours in the service of humanity.

b) To develop for the benefit of pilgrims now and for generations to come the property known as Avatar's Abode which was made sacred by His visit in June 1958.

c) To uphold Avatar Meher Baba's statement "that Avatar's Abode is to become one of the great places of pilgrimage in the world".

d) To perpetually honour and leave unchanged the name of Avatar's Abode which Avatar Meher Baba gave to the said property.

e) To develop facilities and/or accommodation for pilgrims and for those seeking to know of Meher Baba and for visitors generally.

f) To ensure that the structures known as "Baba's House", "Baba's Room" and the "Meeting Hall" will remain on their original positions on Avatar's Abode as they were when Avatar Meher Baba visited the property, and to maintain such structures and their surrounds in a manner befitting Avatar Meher Baba.

g) To preserve and protect "Baba's Room" and those articles and items associated with Avatar Meher Baba that are deemed to be sacred by the trustees.

h) To uphold Avatar Meher Baba as the one and only spiritual authority that will be recognized and promoted on Avatar's Abode by the trustees, its directors, officers, members or others.

Trust Deed

Download » Trust Deed - with amendments.pdf  [1.8MB]

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

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Avatar's Abode Trustees

Meherose Borthwick, Denis Carmody, Peter Davies, Jaya Foley, David Hobson, Sue Jamison, Mehera Moroney (Chairperson), Angela Newcomb, Greg Rimmelzwaan (as at 20 November 2021).

Trust Report

Download » Avatar's Abode Trust Report September 2014 [PDF 836KB]

Avatar's Abode Pty Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

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