59th Anniversary Sahavas 2017

JUNE 9, 11:30am through to JUNE 12, 2:30pm.

A four-day celebration of Meher Baba’s visit to His Australian Abode in June 1958.

Avatar Meher Baba


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Hardeep and Indra

Hardeep and Indra Hanspal

Other notable overseas attendees bringing their unique talents will be Ward Parks and Raine Eastman-Gannett.

CATERING is provided for purchase during the Anniversary. Details are in your invitation. The meal costs are separate from your attendance contribution. You can either pre-pay for all meals on arrival at the Reception Centre or else pay per meal at the Kitchen.

CHECK IN & DONATIONS There is no fee for attending the Anniversary; contributions are always welcome. On arrival at Avatar’s Abode please check in at Reception. Donations to the Anniversary can be made at the Reception Centre or online at the Abode's website HERE. (Suggested donation: $20 a day per adult or $70 for four days).


Email Abode Anniversary: aa2017anniversary@westnet.com.au

Emergency phone contacts during the Anniversary: (+61 7) 5442 1961 or 0415 313 471

Messages from Meher Baba

"Although I am ever with my lovers individually, I am always happy when they gather in My love, so celebrate this anniversary at My Abode with a bang and let My message fill every corner of your hearts. Love to you all."
~ Meher Baba
Telegram to Avatar’s Abode 1967

"I am coming to America and Australia solely to give My Sahavas to My lovers, and I want each of you to come with the longing to receive just that. I want this Sahavas to be above all a close companionship between your Beloved and His lovers; and if you wish to maintain this unique relationship, then do not come with the question or the desire to seek discourses and explanations. Come with the preparedness to receive fully whatever I may give you, with the thought of being completely resigned to My Will."

Part of message of 12th April 1958 from Meher Baba to all those attending the Sahavas at Myrtle Beach, USA, and at Avatar’s Abode, Australia

Anniversaries at Avatar’s Abode

In 1958 Meher Baba, accompanied by Eruch Jessawala, Nariman Dadachanji, Dr. William Donkin and Adi K. Irani stayed at Avatar’s Abode from the 3rd to the 6th June. This was Meher Baba’s last Sahavas outside India.

Meher Baba inspecting men's tents, June 1958 at Avatar's Abode

PHOTO: Meher Baba at Avatar's Abode, June 1958, being assisted by Nariman and Eruch

It was during this time that He named the property 'Avatar's Abode' and said that it will become one of the great places of pilgrimage in the world.

The Anniversary of Meher Baba’s visit to Avatar’s Abode is a special time for all Australian Baba lovers and this is enhanced when the time is shared with Baba lovers from the international community.

Many Baba lovers have visited the other major places of pilgrimage at Myrtle Beach in America and Meherazad in India, but few Baba lovers have had the opportunity of experiencing the special peace and serenity of Avatar’s Abode.

The presence of Meher Baba is strongly felt here amid the beauty of the 99 acres of Avatar’s Abode. The property occupies the summit of Kiel Mountain which is five kilometres from the township of Woombye and 100 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Avatar’s Abode has lawns, gardens, young rainforest and many acres of natural bushland with walking tracks. Baba’s House is nestled just below the 500 foot summit of Kiel mountain with views to the Pacific Ocean 10 kilometres away.

Here you will also find the grave of Francis Brabazon, the Australian poet who spent 10 years with Baba as one of His close Mandali. Francis was the person responsible for the purchase and development of the property for Baba’s visit. Out of the attempts to entertain Baba while He was here has grown a tradition, nourished and led by Francis, of entertaining our Beloved with performances celebrating His Beauty and Truth.

A performance at a previous Anniversary at Avatar's Abode

PHOTO: Anniversary performance at Avatar's Abode, June 2009

Early Anniversaries

"The first two Anniversaries of Meher Baba’s Sahavas at Avatar’s Abode were celebrated by us residents gathering on a relevant day and having our main meal in Baba House.

In 1961, however, Francis Brabazon asked us to remember Baba’s stay in 1958, and His continuing presence, by performing songs dances and plays — to entertain Baba by clothing our praise of His beauty, and our attention to His truth, in beautiful form.

One reason for this way of remembering was because, as Francis once wrote, “Baba loves nothing better than good singing or dancing or a play ... to lighten His burden.” Another reason is that Art conveys the message more effectively, because of the warmth of form, than the cold dryness of abstract thought. Francis’ contribution to that year was four songs that Baba had asked Francis to write. Remembrance as entertainment has been a keynote at Avatar’s Abode ever since."

- Robert Rouse