Spring Sahavas 2020 Out of This Seclusion – Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th October

Zoom Videos from the 2020 Spring Sahavas

Meher Baba and Youth – Growing Up as a Baba Lover

Rick Chapman Zoom event 2020 Spring Sahavas. Rick chats with young people about his experiences and their process of growing up with Meher Baba. Facilitator: Bill Foley.

Meher Baba & LGBTQI+ People

Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson Zoom event 2020 Spring Sahavas. Facilitator: Josh Wolterding.

Rick Chapman – Meeting Meher Baba

Rick tells his story of meeting Baba in India. Facilitator: Michael Le Page.

Zoom meetings were held on:

Saturday 3rd October

  • 10am – 12noon Zoom meeting – Coming to Baba Youthfully with special guest Rick Chapman.
    Facilitators: Josh Wolterding and Bill Foley. Saturday’s am program is for Gen Y and Gen Zs only.
  • 2.30pm – 4pm Zoom meeting – For There the Infant God is Sleeping. An opportunity for women to share with other women, their perspectives on keeping “.... their hearts comfortable and quiet” in this time of seclusion and confusion.
    Facilitators: Jeanette Young and Kris Hines. Saturday’s pm program is for women only.

Sunday 4th October

  • 10am – 12noon Zoom meeting – Meher Baba and Queerness with special guests Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson.
    Facilitators: Josh Wolterding and Bill Foley.

Monday 5th October

  • 10am – 12noon Zoom meeting – Meeting Meher Baba with Rick Chapman.
    Facilitator: Michael Le Page.

Our guests were:

Rick Chapman

Rick Chapman 1966

Rick just a couple of days after he met Baba in August 1966.

In 1966, as a Fulbright student on a one-year scholarship in India, Rick Chapman had the unexpected “God-fortune” to meet the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba, at Meherazad on 15th August, India’s Independence Day.

Rick has written several books about Baba since then, including How to Choose a Guru, Introduction to Reality, Meher Baba—The Compassionate One, Meeting God in Human Form, The Seven Secrets of Life, Stealing Hafiz, Adventures in India with Meher Baba, Meeting Meher Baba, and Following Meher Baba.

As the executive editor, Rick was instrumental in bringing us that treasure of a book, My Life with Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age by Meherwan Jessawala.

An upcoming book of Rick’s that describes the evolution of Baba’s message about psycho-active drugs is titled Bug Consciousness, Drug Consciousness and Flying Rug Consciousness.

We look forward to sharing Rick’s company, his stories, his humour and his insights.

Rick Chapman 2020

Rick still as youthful (at heart) 5 decades later.

Charles Haynes & Christopher Wilson

Charles Haynes with Meher Baba 1958

Baba embracing Charles in 1958 at Meher Spiritual Center.

Charles Haynes met Meher Baba in 1958 at Meher Spiritual Center. Charles attended the East-West Gathering in 1962 and the Great Darshan in 1969. He served on the Meher Center board for many years and currently serves on the board of Meher Fund. In his professional life, Charles has a doctorate in religious studies and is founding director of the Religious Freedom Center. He is author or co-author of eleven books, including, most recently, The Day Becomes the Answer: Wit and Wisdom of Elizabeth, Disciple of Meher Baba.

Christopher Wilson grew up in Columbia, S.C. and first learned about Meher Baba through a teacher at his high school. Christopher earned his doctorate in Art History and has published widely on depictions of St. Teresa of Avila and other Carmelites in European and Latin American art. He teaches Upper School history and art history at Holton- Arms School and serves on the board of Sheriar Foundation.

Christopher and Charles have been married for 31 years. Together they published Norina’s Gift: Messages of Meher Baba Received Through Princess Norina Matchabelli and continue to work with Norina’s and Nadine Tolstoy’s archival materials. Christopher and Charles live in Alexandria, VA with their three dogs, Jefferson, Jimmy, and Elwood, and their parrot named José.

Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson

Charles & Christopher with Elwood and Jose (the feathered one).

Jai Meher Baba!